A Snit Is A Snob By Any Other Name

I didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up with a bit of a grump.

And a lot of attitude.

It wasn’t looking good for my day. Not terrible, horrible, no good, very bad.

But close.

I hurt my arm doing yoga. Instead of feeling stretched, I felt torqued.imgres-1

I made coffee–I needed coffee–but our pot chose today to act twirpy. It overflowed all over the kitchen.

My valiant daughter tried to save the coffee bar the pot was on. And the collection of Starbucks cups underneath. By not dropping the pot, she burned her hand badly.

When I showered, I got soap in my eyes. No big deal till I tried putting my contacts in a few minutes later.

I did the painful eye dance. Which didn’t help.

Driving to work, I almost smashed into a car because I didn’t think he was in my lane. I actually didn’t see him at all till he laid on his horn. The fact that it was a bright, shiny red sports car doesn’t say much for my observational skills.

I got behind an old gentleman who insisted on driving very slowly. Which meant cars continually cut in front of him. Making him slower yet. Since I was turning soon and traffic was heavy, I stayed. And voiced aloud my feelings about his character.

Another hundred feet I’d have left him in the dust.

I was in a hurry, people!

Heather and the kids were at our house because theirs was being painted. I watched Ryken clearing his tray with food he no 621678eb-92cc-481d-8437-ee760e28794flonger cared for and then run his peanut butter-covered fingers through his hair.

Hair which then glistened with organic strawberry spread.

The child needed to be hosed down.

There was sugar on the floor from where the kids had made chocolate chip cookies. Sweet grit everywhere. There were crunched pretzels and goldfish in the carpet. There were food particles on every surface in the house.

I thought of that old commercial of the lady in the bathtub calling, “Calgon, take me away.”

Time for a soak in a tub? If showering were an Olympic sport, I’d have a medal for fastest one.

Not gonna happen.

Nothing in this day was life threatening. Or even emotionally unhinging.

It was a day I wouldn’t have scripted quite this way. I began with a snit and it followed me like a faithful dog.

Inconvenience affects my attitude almost more than serious challenges. The big things I know I have to address and deal with. The nuisance and disruption of the small and bothersome just get my goat.

God has painted a picture of His understanding of how life can be overwhelming and His response to stress.

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I have all that I need. He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams.”   Psalm 23:1-2

He lets me rest. He walks with me by peaceful streams. His calm and strength. My experience in Him in spite of my circumstances. In light of my inconveniences.

Let the snits come. Those peaceful streams are calling my name.











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