To TP Or Not To TP; That Is The Question

Who knew a simple roll of toilet paper could provide so much fun?

John and I were watching the grandkids a few days back, and it was one of those times where everyone was a little grumpy.

We’d mowed the yard. They’d played soccer. Had been in a car and driven enough miles around central Florida to not want to do anything but be vegetative.

One-year-old Ryken refused to nap. He needed one. I needed him to need one. But after over a half hour of weeping and wailing, I relented and got him out of bed.

And prepared for the grumpies.unnamed-6

He wasn’t interested in toys. Music. None of the things that usually distracted him from a bad mood.

I had a momentary lapse of attention. He escaped into the bathroom and knocked the toilet paper holder down. Sent TP rolling across the floor.

It caught his attention.

He picked it up and found it was easy to tear. (Single sheet cheap. Not double sheet plush. We’re not designer tush people.)

Ryken has quite a throwing arm, so he began heaving small pieces of tissue as fast as he could rip them off. Little pieces of white were floating around the family room. He got frustrated with the floaties and began to just unroll and rip.

unnamed-8He was making a mess. The room began to resemble a giant toilet. Minus the solid floaties. I’d just vacuumed. I should have been irritated.

All I could do was laugh.

It wasn’t about wasting a dollar roll of toilet paper or messing up a newly cleaned room. It was enjoying the moment. With great delight. Watching Ryken work hard at ripping tissue.

He got frustrated. The roll didn’t end. (It had 1,000 sheets. Practical.) No matter how much he tore off, more was there. He wrapped up in it. Walked on it. Threw it some more.

It didn’t matter that he was undoing the cleaning I’d done. It made no difference that there was a mess that would have to be picked up. All I wanted to do was sit and enjoy the antics of my grandson.

Which brought an aha moment.

That’s how God looks at us. With great delight and enjoyment.

He knows all the bad choices I make, the wrong things I do, the hurtful things I say and think.unnamed-10

He knows when I have my own grumpies.

That doesn’t lessen His love for me. Knowing Him personally changes everything.

“So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when He adopted you as His own children. Now we call Him, ‘Abba, Father.’”   Romans 8:15

As my Father, He delights in me. Enjoys me. He’s made me His own. Abba is the Greek word for Daddy. A term of endearment, a close-knit relationship.

To be thoroughly loved and delighted in. That gives me value. Significance. To the God of all creation.

I matter to Someone whose love for me won’t ever end.

That’s worth more than a roll of toilet paper.





8 responses to “To TP Or Not To TP; That Is The Question”

  1. I think this might be a new alternative activity for me when I have the “grumpies”! 🙂 And I’ll just chant “God delights in me! He delights in me!” as I “decorate” the living room! I can feel the grumpies disappearing even as I envision that scenario! Thanks, dear friend, for a morning glimpse of God’s love for me!


    1. Ter, the fact that grumpies come so naturally is such a disappointment–and yet, there’s that glorious fact of His complete acceptance of me. And delight. Thanks for your continual and wonderful encouragement.


  2. Oh my stinking gosh… I LOVE this blog!! Your writing is delightful and your insights profound!
    I have always loved you and now I LOVE your blog. Come see me. And, as my mother always said, ‘I don’t mean maybe!!’


    1. Oh, Mar, it’s wonderful to know you’re so behind me, so encouraging of my heart. Throwing words out there is a little over the top, a tad arrogant. But I’m grateful you enjoy it! Thanks for being such a sweet friend. And we will definitely come see you all. And I don’t mean maybe!


  3. Dayle, I just got home from Costco and that would, like Ryken, give anybody the grumpies! To be thoroughly loved and delighted in – that gives me value and significance, as well. Think I’ll chase ABBA also because I matter to SOMEONE whose LOVE won’t ever end. Thanks for the reminder of Romans 8:15 and Blessings to you and John! [Don’t be grumpy about cleaning up a little TP.]


    1. Grumpy comes naturally. Which is a nasty thing. But like you, reminding myself of His lavish love helps me see how He delights in me. Love you, Lo!


  4. Love the way you find spiritual truth in little things…even a roll of torn up TP! Love YOU, too!


    1. Lessons crop up everywhere. I find it fun and funny that God uses the mundane to teach me about the sacred. Thanks, Allie!


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