When Downward-Facing Dog Doesn’t Do You Any Good

I make it a habit to try and exercise daily. It wakes me up and puts me in a mood to approach the day with anticipation. Between that and Jesus, I’m good to go.

Unless I’m playing weekend warrior–on a week day no less–and don’t listen to what my body is telling me.

I’ve done yoga for years. Not gentle but rigorous. It pushes me past easy to try harder. Hang fluidity.images-2

I hadn’t done it in months–I’d been focused more on cardio and strength workouts.

I woke up Friday feeling the need for a good stretch. I found my yoga DVD and began.

The first thing they do is warn you of pushing too hard. Of doing things that are uncomfortable for joints and muscles. To make it a sustainable workout, they broke it into three sections. You begin with one then add the other two on successive weeks as your body becomes familiar with the routine.

Me wait? I’ve done this before. It might have been eight or ten months since the last time I’d tried it, but I was sure I could pull it off. I’m strong.

imgresSo I did all three sections.

Somewhere in the third section, something felt odd. Not like it was supposed to feel. I stood up.

Or tried to.

I’d done something to my back. Threw it out somehow. And I couldn’t take a deep breath.

Which meant all I wanted to do was take a deep breath.

It hurt. So much so that I cancelled my schedule for the day.

And stayed in a prone position.

Not my cup of tea.

John has told me often that I’m a lousy patient. I get it. I don’t follow advice well. I didn’t want to stay flat. I tried to do things.imgres-1

Only to have my breathing bring me up short because of pain.

The embarrassing part is that I wasn’t doing anything difficult. It’s not like I did it helping someone move. Or doing yard work. Or something even slightly noble.

It was yoga.

I get tripped up by little things in life. The big challenges I plan for. Prepare for. The small things catch me off guard.

God gets that. In my walk of faith it’s not the big faith challenges that stop me in my tracks.

It’s the small things that happen daily that frustrate me. The mosquito bites of life that annoy me.

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”   Luke 16:10

It’s the daily details of living that I need to focus on. Doing the minor tasks of life well. Caring that I show up with integrity and genuineness with everyone I encounter. Not just waiting for the big events. The next grand thing.

Choosing to live with Jesus in the mundane moment.

Maybe then I won’t be so thrown out of whack and I’ll face the tough challenges with character.

And strength.





10 responses to “When Downward-Facing Dog Doesn’t Do You Any Good”

  1. Sweet friend, I hope your back is feeling 100% very soon! Will we ever admit that we are not as strong as we think we are? Thanks for the reminder this AM of from where my true strength comes. I appreciate you so much! If you feel up to it, let’s plan a coffee chat soon!


    1. My back is better–and the possibility of time with you makes me smile! But no yoga for quite some time!


  2. Dayle, I get tripped up by the little things in life as well, catch me off guard [not yoga however] Woo! Woo! for your challenging Luke 16:10! I better choose also to live with HIM in the mundane moment! Love as you get well and Blessings!


    1. Life is full of the mundane, isn’t it? And yet it’s living in those well that I need to make a priority. Love that you get me!


  3. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    So sorry, Dayle! Good reminder, though, of how little things can “trip us up” as we walk with Jesus! Hope you’re 100 per cent soon!


    1. Allie, you get this! And you’ve always been such a sweet supporter of my thoughts! Thanks, friend, for continuing to read.


  4. So wild to read this as I’ve done the same thing to my right foot and it was just from walking my two miles every day or so. And the doctor said I just need to listen better to my body when it alarms me with pain!


    1. So sorry, Lynn! I know that has to hurt–and it would frustrate the socks off me not to have the use of my feet. And listening to bodies? If you figure out how to really do it, let me know!


  5. I love you and I love how (and what) you write. (I think I say that every time but it’s the truth EVERY time!!


    1. Mar, I so love and appreciate you for your encouragement. You have no idea how it helps me. How you help me. You are such a sweet gift of grace from the Lord!


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