Want To Know What I Think?

It’s actually a thing that birthday parties for one-year-olds include a smash cake.

A separate piece of sweetness is dedicated to the birthday child to eat or destroy for their enjoyment. It’s always a toss-up about how they’ll respond.

Kolly, for her first birthday, didn’t know what to do with her cake. I actually made her two small cakes–one on the healthier side, with bananas, applesauce, and no added sugar; one full of sugar and flavor.

I respected her mom’s wishes that she not have a total sugar rush. But I loved the idea of giving her options,

Kolly hasn’t had sugar this first year apart from that found in fruit and some vegetables. When confronted with a frosting-covered, sugar-filled concoction, she batted at it for a bit, smeared it in her hair, and got it on her clothes, but didn’t want to eat it.

What everyone expected her response to be wasn’t her choice of feedback. She surprised everyone with her cavalier attitude about what most of us would have enjoyed. Her opinion of sugar was low.

I find it’s easy to make assumptions about what others would–should–like or enjoy. I have strong opinions about many things. And it’s grand when others agree with me.

That’s just it. My opinions are the filter through which I view life, and it isn’t the same one everyone else sees through. My opinions are based on my experiences, my story, and the people who have influenced my life over the years.

Opinions vary from person to person. Different parts of the country, varying ethnicities, and unique experiences will color how we view life and engage it.

Opinions are views or judgements about something and are not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

They differ widely from the truth. Truth is a fact, reality–not perceived reality, but what actually is factual.

Jesus claimed to be the truth, and He said all of Scripture–the Bible–is the truth–the truth that can change us, refresh, and restore us as nothing else can.

Jesus prayed to His Father, “Make them holy by Your truth; teach them Your Word, with is true.” John 17:17

Jesus was clear with those He spoke with about who He was and why He came. He came for us, out of love, to bring us back into relationship with God. He made remarkable claims about Himself.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

Many will have an opinion about how to get to heaven, but there is only one way, through one Person.

That’s the truth.

That was the purpose of Easter, a sacrifice for us that we couldn’t ever hope to pay ourselves.

That’s the truth.

Kolly has an obvious opinion about sugar. Not a good one.

Your opinion about Jesus isn’t the issue.

Our opionions don’t change who He is.

So can you believe He is true?

4 responses to “Want To Know What I Think?”

  1. Dear Dayle, Your posts fascinate me in that they start as stories about everyday life which then have a lesson. Are you a minister? My great grandfather was. Anyhow Tom is, God willing, healing. Thank you for your good, good prayers. ❣️el

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    1. Not a minister; just a lover of Jesus. And I’m so grateful Tom is healing! What a wonderful answer to prayer! Praying for your peace as well, my friend.

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  2. Thank you so much. You are in my prayers, too. Right now with his dark moods we need those prayers. I think it was a combo of heavy anesthesia and then heavy duty painkillers. You are truly Godsent, Dayle.

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    1. Well, El, surgery is a hard load for those who have to get it and for those who love them. Just remember it’s not Tom talking, but the meds. Praying for a sense of shalom and peace for both of you and for his words not to sting but sound sweet to your ears. Love you, friend.


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