Who’s Got The Power?

Babies have a tendency to hang onto things that catch their attention. Often those are soft, cuddly, and comforting. Like a small stuffed animal or a blanket.

Kolly carries around the TV remote.

It fits her hand perfectly. Her dad inadvertently left it where she could reach it. When the channels continued to change with no known explanation, Kolly delightedly giggled and laughed as she swung the remote around.

The best choice was to take the power away from her.

They removed the batteries.

She never noticed that it was a little lighter. She kept it in her hands even when they left the house.

The perspective of power is very different across generations.

We all have a sense of the need for power in our lives–the power to choose, to control what’s happening around us, to impact those we want to influence.

True power, however, is not about controlling things or making things happen the way we want. It isn’t even about strength.

True power is seeing life change through love and compassion.

Easter is about that kind of power. The strength of God’s love is what conquers fear, shame, guilt, and ultimately death.

Jesus came to die in our place. He gave up His pure, perfectly lived life to pay the ransom our imperfections necessitated. To be allowed into heaven, which is faultless and flawless, we’d have to be equally impeccable in our actions, attitudes, and words throughout our lives.

Not possible on our own.

Jesus chose to give His life for ours.

He didn’t stay dead.

“Christ died for our sins, just as the Scriptures said. He was buried, and He was raised from the dead on the third day, just as the Scriptures said. He was seen by Peter and then by the Twelve. After that, He was seen by more than 500 of His followers at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have died.” 1 Corinthians 15:3b-6

Many of those who had witnessed Jesus after His resurrection were alive when Paul wrote the book of 1 Corinthians. None of them doubted what they had seen and experienced.

God, who created all life, has given His Son that we might live forever with Him. If we believe.

A remote can’t hold a candle to that power.

No batteries required.

14 responses to “Who’s Got The Power?”

  1. What a wonderful way of expressing the spirit of Easter. May His power, love, and compassion continue to flow through you through these wonderful posts.
    Happy Easter!

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    1. Happy Easter, my friend. May it be a day of joyous celebration in your heart–you are worth celebrating. Jesus celebrates you always!

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  2. Dear Dayle, what a loving piece for Easter!! A good reminder of its significance. Tom is recuperating and things are slowly getting there. He has to be very careful. Hopefully the worst is over. I thank you again for your good, good prayers. With love, Ellen


    1. I continue to pray, El–the process is ongoing, and every day is a new day. Be encouraged. You guys are so fortunate to have each other!

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  3. Oh Dayle, you are super. You must be a great Mom, too. I pray for you and yours, too. Yes, God gave me a good marriage… late but worth the wait. God bless you and yours, Dayle! ❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Oh, El, your marriage, no matter when it happened, is a gift from the Lord to you and Tom–and I love how you love him so well!

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  4. “no batteries required” 🙂 love this Easter message. Really wonderful!! Thankful for your voice, reaching into many places for His glory!

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    1. Thanks for your kindness, Katers. I hope your Easter was a joy to your whole family. Love you, friend.

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      1. Easter was very special for us! 🙂

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  5. I love how you can apply everyday life to our faith. You truly have a gift! Happy Easter!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, my friend. And may your Resurrection Day be filled with awe and wonder.


  6. “A remote can’t hold a candle to that power. No batteries required.” So true, Dayle. Nothing can hold a candle to Christ’s power!! Happy Easter from Italy!

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    1. I genuinely hope your Easter celebration was joy-filled and awesome!


      1. Yes, ours was. Hope yours was too!


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