What Piques Your Curiosity?

Photo courtesy of Jamie Haughton on Unsplash

Monkeys have always fascinated me. Their faces are expressive–they might be able to show more emotion than some people. They’re fun to watch, especially in groups–their mannerisms and actions reflect a social order that is complex and enjoyable. And the sound most often connected to them–“ooh ooh aah aah”–is one that small children can imitate quickly.

Isley, when she was two, was a flower girl in her aunt’s wedding and carried her stuffed monkey with her down the aisle, repeating the “ooh ooh aah aah”.

Some things you just don’t let go of.

My favorite monkey, however, has to be Curious George, the constantly inquisitive chimpanzee who drove the man in the yellow hat to distraction. The poor man had to keep tabs on the little guy’s unquenchable desire to learn new and different things. But this set of children’s books, which were read to me when I was little, and I read them to my kids, who are now reading them to their own, is a reflection of the curiosity of the human mind. In monkey form.

What I loved about George was when his curiosity was piqued, he would not be deterred from investigating. Such inquiries would often lead to disasters, but there was always a redeemed end for the little monkey. And he made many friends along the way.

Curiosity is at a minimum today. We follow influencers instead of striking out on our own and making decisions based on what we like. We agree with what we’re told is the “correct way” to think, no matter where we are on the political spectrum. Rather than researching ideas and thoughts on our own, we rely on what’s posted on social media or what the newest craze is.

I’ve watched kids watching channels where others play video games rather than playing them themselves. I’ve observed people change the way they think because of where they’ve moved to.

We’ve become sheep in the worst way. Following the herd because we’re too fearful of checking things out for ourselves.

Even with God, so many make assumptions about who He is and how He interacts in their lives. Blaming God for the bad that happens in life becomes the obvious way to deal with what we can’t explain.

We’re not curious enough about God to honestly ask questions about Him ourselves. It’s easier to dismiss Him and His forgiveness than admit we have anything that needs to be forgiven. Or that we’re interested in knowing more about Him.

If we choose to seek Him, understand who He is, and be curious about what He will do in us and for us, all we have to do is ask.

“‘If you look for Me wholeheartedly, you will find Me. I will be found by you,’ says the Lord.” Jeremiah 29:13-14a

We need to learn about what we so unknowingly talk about. God is real, and He seeks to know us personally.

Be curious.

I’m sure George would back me on that.

15 responses to “What Piques Your Curiosity?”

  1. An excellent homily, Dayle!!! We have become a nation of sheep (although I don’t have anything against sheep). It just seems as if
    critical thinking seems as if it is not taught in the schools anymore. We had a president for 4 years who wielded power and intimidation by tweet. We need to bring back curious George especially with respect to God. I fear what will, and is, happening to us.

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    1. Thanks, El! I, too, am concerned about what we’re failing to address as we blithely go through life following whoever is the loudest and biggest in front of us. You are an AMAZING encourager!

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  2. Thank you, Dayle❣️❣️Just got some worrisome news about my husband. Not clear yet. Have to wait until 3/1 to hear any definitive news. I don’t have your strength or optimism or faith. 🥰🙏🏽🙏🏽el

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    1. El, know I’m praying for the two of you. You don’t have to be strong. God is. Let me know how he does.

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      1. Thank you so much, Dayle! You are the “amazing encourager”❣️


      2. Hi Dayle, Thank you SO much for praying for us!!! You have no idea what that means to me!! We have no children and almost no family left. A few good friends. Very different from your life, right? Thanks Dayle! So much. You are in my prayers officially now. 🙏🏽 ❣️


  3. Oh, thank you for the reminder, Dayle. Thank you for caring. I talked to a doctor. He says it is not serious. I am a big worrier when it comes to Thomas. Thank you❣️

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    1. You and Thomas are an incredibly connected couple. Glad it’s not serious. Worry comes naturally when it’s people we love.

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      1. Yes, we are. We took a long time to find each other and it has been almost 34 years since then. Seems like no time at all. Thanks so much for your caring and concern and mostly for your prayers. I have added you to my morning and evening prayer list.

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  4. Well, it is an Iguinal Hernia so it can be serious if not treated right. He sees the doctor March 1 so then we’ll know more.


  5. Will be praying for Thomas!

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  6. Thank you so much, Dayle❣️Will be praying for you and yours.


  7. I think George would definitely back you up on that. 🙂

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    1. So true! And he’d do it with a grin.

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