The One That Got Away

He just wants to be like his dad.

Our Colorado clan had an incredible week of family vacation at the beach in South Carolina. Moving from mountains and cooler temperatures to unending sun and sand. From hiking and unexpected snowfall to beach combing and fishing in the ocean.

Beck loves to spend time with his dad, who is a true outdoorsman. Whether they’re trekking mountain trails or casting a line to catch that elusive fish, Beck will accompany his dad anywhere.

When the chance came to help reel in a catch, Beck was there, proud to be part of such an amazing adventure.

He’s three. Catching anything is an amazing adventure.

When I was younger, I wanted to be just like my Dad’s mom, Granny. We’d go visit her every summer, making the drive from Chicago, and entering a world totally different from anything we experienced day to day.

Granny lived in a huge old house where she and Poppy raised their five children. The staircase alone was magical–25 stairs high and a banister that reflected the polishing bottoms of countless children sliding down it. Lest we become irresponsible as we followed the history of the banister, Dad showed us the dent in the floor where he lost his front tooth when he fell off.

Granny had a huge garden where she taught us to harvest her vegetables and a root cellar where she stored her canned goods–colorful jars of the things she grew. We’d hide down there when the weather was too hot.

She was the most amazing cook. She could take ordinary vegetables, which we all pretty much hated, and make them delectable. She told us stories of growing up as her dad worked laying tracks for the railroad. Granny’s family made breakfast every morning for the crews–biscuits, pancakes, eggs, and hot coffee. I wish I knew how she’d made those biscuits.

What I loved about Granny was that she was tough, didn’t quit, and had the courage to continue to run their small farm after Poppy died. She was very different from the women I grew up around in the Chicago area.

I wanted her courage and perseverance. Growing up, I was timid and shy, not sure of who I was or what I was supposed to do.

We want to be like those people we respect, those whose lives have reflected the character and values we would like for ourselves. People who have impacted our lives for good.

Jesus reminds us that following what is good and true will lead to a life of contentment. He alone is good and true.

“Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with Him and live a life of love.” Ephesians 5:1-2a

Often, like Beck, people want to imitate their parents. Parents aren’t always perfect examples of living life well.

Jesus is. Following Him gives us the perspective of how to love others well. How to receive His love.

Isn’t being loved one of the greatest gifts we can receive? And give?

6 responses to “The One That Got Away”

  1. Michelle Nuzzi Avatar
    Michelle Nuzzi


    Thank you for sharing. I know the Lord led me to this — i have been putting off writing my memoirs for quite some time. I think about it; but then, life gets in the way. I must also say that seeing your photograph brought such a peaceful calm over me — Jesus’ Light is shining through your eyes…✨🙌🏼. Bless you sister.

    Awaiting His Return,



    1. Wow, Michelle, such incredible encouragement. Thanks for reading, and thanks especially for your kindness. Take the time to write, my friend. If the Lord is leading you in this direction, who knows who will benefit from your insights and wisdom, your story and experience? I’d bed delighted to read what you write.


  2. Karen Goldstein Avatar
    Karen Goldstein

    Love your writing gift, Dayle! I believe we all have memories like your experience with your gramma: wanting to model after a person we admire. For me, it was certain school teachers who were my mentors… Sadly it was not my parents that I longed to imitate.. I know you understand! Enjoy your vacation and promise me a coffee date after you get back! 😉


    1. I hear you, my friend. Often our parents aren’t the ones that give us a view of what we can be–but God drops others in our lives to encourage and inspire us. I look forward to a time when we can sit and chat. Soon, my friend.


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