We’re Like Parfait

What I typically see her in are soccer shorts and a jersey or tee shirt. She’s busy, involved in everything from soccer to robotics, with interests that run the gamut in between. And comfort trumps fashion on most days.

When I was invited to come along to help shop for a prom dress, I couldn’t pass up this incredible opportunity. I’ve seen Sydney dressed for special occasions–I’m biased, but I believe she is quite lovely. But a prom dress? I had to witness this transformation.

I accompanied three of my daughters and Sydney as we entered into retail torture. I’m not a shopper by any means. I get headaches walking into malls. But this was an adventure, the chance to pioneer change.

Several dresses were chosen for Sydney to try on, jewel-toned and deep colors. As she tried each one on, I was amazed–every one of them looked great on her. She finally chose a long dress in deep forest green.

She chose this one because she knew nobody would imagine her wearing a dress quite like that.

She loves the idea that there is more to her than most people know. Surprising others is a joy.

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Shrek”. I love the relationship between Donkey and Shrek, and how their friendship develops into something neither expected. Each comes from a very different background. Donkey belonged to an old woman who tired of his talk. Shrek was a loner because he assumed all he could be was what everyone was afraid of.

As Donkey and Shrek head away from DuLoc, Shrek munches on an onion and comments that there was more to ogres than people thought. Ogres are like onions, with layers. Donkey tries to compare him to parfaits because everybody likes parfaits.

They can’t even agree on the picture of layers. Both of them understood that there was more to them than what others saw.

In the book of Genesis, Hagar ran away from the woman she served, Sarah, because she was pregnant with Sarah’s husband Abraham’s son–by Sarah’s design. She feared for her life. But God saw her and encouraged her, telling her she would have a son whom she would name Ishmael.

He saw her.

“Thereafter, Hagar used another name to refer to the LORD, who had spoken to her. She said, “You are the God who sees me.” Genesis 16:13a

Hagar feared she’d be no more than a slave, cast aside, unknown, unseen. But God. He knew her completely and provided for her, even when circumstances made it difficult and awkward.

There’s so much more to us than most people recognize. Like Shrek, we have layers; sometimes rough and overwhelming, like an onion, and sometimes sweeter like a parfait.

I know there’s more to me than most people are aware of. I choose to protect myself because I know that sometimes I’m too much for some. Not enough for others.

God sees me in my entirety. And enjoys my many layers–the sour and the sweet.

Sydney will surprise many with her choice of prom dress, showing more of her mischievous side.

But each of us has so much more to enjoy than meets the eye.

We are parfaits.

4 responses to “We’re Like Parfait”

  1. Having somehow missed the Shrek phenomenon I hadn’t heard the parfait analogy but I really like it I am certain we were made more sweet than pungent as sure as I am that His plan is for us to become one rather than repel, and what’s more attractive than layers of sweet, creamy, delectable us! Thank you for getting me thinking positively this morning!


    1. My pleasure, Michael. Seeing the parfait is sometimes tough–but so worth it!

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  2. Great encouragement here, Dayle. There is so much more to people than what often meets the eye. And more to ourselves too, even if it’s not always positive. But God loves us just as we are, and we can go to him that way too. Just as we are. Knowing we will be accepted and loved!


    1. You are so correct, my friend. We underestimate all that the Lord is and does–even down to who He has made us be.


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