Help From Unexpected Places

One of the joys of having three of our kids living in the same city as us is the opportunity to spend time with the grands when the occasions arise.

Because we moved around quite a bit when our kids were little and never lived close to grandparents, my kids didn’t grow up with those older influences close by who could bring perspective to us as young parents.

Perspective and help.

We’ve had the privilege of attending soccer games, dance recitals, and plays with those grands. Showing up matters, so we make every effort to be present when an important occasion occurs. Faces in the audience and on the sideline make a difference.

And then there’s the periodic babysitting, a role that suits us because we don’t have to parent the littles; we can just enjoy them.

I had the opportunity to watch one-year-old Nolan for the day, and I needed to be in meetings while I did it. Not satisfied with being still, the little guy was a non-stop motion machine, quicker than any of the grands I could remember, delighting in climbing into, onto, and over anything he could find. I put the volume on high, muted myself, and stopped the camera so I could play with and chase him around the house–we were both yelling and laughing in a very distractable manner.

In between meetings, we took a walk to the park, swinging and going up and down the slides. He grinned every time he slid face-first down the plastic incline, flipping at the bottom and trying to climb back up.

I loved his persistence.

Until I didn’t.

By the time the second meeting happened, I was dragging, on FaceTime, not quite as peppy as I’d been earlier, but staying the course with the little guy. I wasn’t going to give up on him–but I was exhausted.

His little sister came home from school after my second meeting ended. Nolan and I were prone on a huge mattress in the playroom; he was laughing and rolling around, and I was trying to keep him centered so I wouldn’t have to run anymore.

When he saw his sister, Nolan dimpled up. He reached for her, and she came to him with a smile and a hug.

I took a breath. For the first time that day.

There are so many times when I need rest, a chance to step back and not worry about all the things that need to happen, the “shoulds” that occupy my mind. I need Someone who is stronger and more capable than I am when life wears on me. Someone who will give me strength when I’m lagging, rest in the moment.

King David understood the need for a Person and Place of safety and peace.

“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him. He alone is my Rock and my Salvation, my Fortress where I will never be shaken.” Psalm 62:1-2

We need help to steady us in times of trial, to support us in the difficulties life brings our way, to strengthen us beyond what we can handle.

God is the Rock who is higher than all of us.

In Him I can breathe.

2 responses to “Help From Unexpected Places”

  1. Such sweet stories, and so relatable to every Grandparent out there. 🙂 Always–the tie in so good, and so needed–“a Person and a Place of Safety and Peace.” Love that!!


    1. We so need Him to be our Safe Harbor, the place we can be safe from our circumstances even though we’re pummeled by them. Safe isn’t always free from pain–as you well know. Thanks, Katers, for your kind words.,

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