When You Have Lemons Make A Bobsled

The weather in Florida continues to be less than hoped for by all those snowbirds who have come down here to escape cold and dampness. Drizzly mist and chilling breezes make it easier to stay indoors than venture out into the sunless landscape.

There’s always the Olympics to watch.

They have inspired my grands with innovation to make fun out of a miserable Saturday with all plans for amusement out the window.

We got a call early in the morning asking for any boxes we might have. John offered bins, believing this was an effort to pack and store things not needed at the moment.

Ryken’s comment: “It has to be real boxes. We’re making a bobsled.”

We foraged around the house, and John in his ever unique way of providing for the family, found mailers and old boxes to give to the kids for their project. Heather arriving a few minutes after her sons, looked at the mailers and then at her Dad. Being the grateful and gracious daughter that she is, she took it all home, telling us she’d send pictures.

Several hours later, we received the picture of the indomitable bobsledders, wrapped in bubble mailers, as they laid out the boxes down the stairway to slide down. It wasn’t always comfortable nor did it work as well as they’d hoped, but it provided them with a great time of imitating the Olympic bobsledders and pretending their stairway was a mountain of snow.

I love their creativity and perseverance to make a challenging situation better.

I don’t always have that tenacity to stay the course when things don’t turn out how I’d hoped. I get tired and overwhelmed, an attitude that comes along much more quickly now when culturally so many find themselves unhappy with their circumstances.

The bandwagon is easy to join.

Hope feels so ethereal lately. Problems happen, situations spiral downward, and a sense of hopelessness covers us like a wet wool blanket, heavy and suffocating. Its persistence is hard to battle; giving up and giving in to the darkness of our thoughts seems much easier than pushing through and searching for light.

We can’t manufacture hope. It has to be based on Someone greater than us who can give us context for the greater picture of all of life.

Life is hard.

But God.

“I pray that God, the source of HOPE, will fill you COMPLETELY with JOY and PEACE because you trust in Him. Then you will OVERFLOW with CONFIDENT HOPE through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

The Holy Spirit is God’s Helper, the part of Him that lives in us when we receive His gift of salvation. He reminds us of God’s truth and eternal hope. He empowers us to live with confidence this world can’t give. He alone is the source of hope–lavish, abundant hope that is greater than the worst of our circumstances.

Life is full of problems. We can make the best of tough situations for a time, but in the long run, we need help beyond ourselves.

God’s offer of hope is greater than our greatest problems.

No lemon is so sour that He can’t make it sweet.

5 responses to “When You Have Lemons Make A Bobsled”

  1. Mike and I agree. This is the top Olympic competition. Children teach us so much.

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    1. Thanks, Sus, for your kind words. The Olympics is a touchy subject for many–but not the kids!


  2. Your grandchildren are just so adorable!! Loved this blog 🙂


    1. They manage to come up with the craziest ideas that often work. And then there are those that don’t. But it’s all worth a giggle.

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      1. It is all worth a giggle!! LOL

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