What Grabs Your Passion?

Who doesn’t love an underdog?

The national championship for college football begged the question as to which team was the underdog. Alabama has won this coveted prize more years than not, and Georgia hadn’t won it in 41 years. If that was my only criteria, I’d opt for Georgia.

People have been zealous for which team they supported. I work with a variety of folks who have close attachments to each school, and their desire for winning was not dampened by friendship.

My dad was a Dallas Cowboys fan. Coming from the Lonestar State, the Cowboys, in his opinion, epitomized everything good about the sport and all things Texas. He was passionate about his team, and even though he left the state to marry my mom, he never lost his heart for his home turf. He was fervent in his commitment to Texas.

Many people are passionate about their favorite sports and sports heroes. Tom Brady now plays in Florida, and as wonderful a player as he is, I was saddened by his designation as the GOAT. When I was informed that it was actually an incredible compliment–the greatest of all time–my opinion changed.

Still, nobody should be called a barnyard animal.

We have passionate soccer fans in the family, and the debate between the excellence of Chelsea and Manchester United soccer clubs in the English Premier League never ceases. March Madness brings new passions to the forefront–I have no idea why college basketball matters so much during that month.

Passions are those strong, almost out of control emotions that spur us on in endeavors that matter at the moment. They allow us to come alongside people or projects that pique our interest, and they can bring the best of us to the surface.

Unless passions cause conflict. Then it can become heartfelt irritation as two differing enthusiasms create tension.

What is really worthy of my passion? Of my deepest commitment and most intense interaction?

My family inspires my passion. I’m fortunate to have family members who enjoy one another even though they’re all very different. I would do anything for any of them–they mean that much to me.

I love my job. It offers me the chance to interact with people and help them grow in self-awareness and personal contentment. It makes me feel like a gardener of people, digging in the dirt, helping nourish human roots, providing space for growth.

I’m most passionate about my relationship with God. Even though I’m inconsistent in my relational follow-through with Him, I know He loves me without hesitation, is with me without ever a thought toward abandonment, and is strong enough to hold me up in my weakest moments.

Because He is love.

“For God SO loved the WORLD that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

I can be passionate about God because He is so passionate about me. He loves me first, pursues me before I even consider Him.

Our worldly passions will come and go–like every sports season.

Being passionate about Someone who is eternally passionate about me impacts every area of my life.

It’s nice to know I matter no matter what the season.

2 responses to “What Grabs Your Passion?”

  1. I loved your imagery: “It makes me feel like a gardener of people, digging in the dirt, helping nourish human roots, providing space for growth.”


    1. Aw, thanks, Mags. I appreciate your comments and that you take the time to read!


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