When Life Is Win-Win

Winning is something we all enjoy. Not everyone is competitive–that’s a different story.

Winning is a sense of accomplishment that everyone can feel good about because it means we showed up as our best selves and did what we intended to do. Sweet success.

The U.S. Hockey Team played the USSR in the 1980 Olympics. Against all odds, a group of American hockey players were formed into a dynamic team that beat the historical powerhouse of hockey. Nobody thought they could do it. But team work and a coach who believed in them created an unbelievable squad of winners.

We all long to be winners in our lives.

Some make it happen.

My dear friend Nancy Wilson was one of those people. A small dynamo of courage and fierce love for others, she lived her life with enthusiasm and grace.

Because she loved Jesus.

Nancy made no excuses for her faith. She believed in a Savior who knew, loved, and celebrated her every day. She was totally sold out to Him and wanted nothing more than to introduce others to the wonderful love of her life.

Without hesitation.

I remember being with Nancy overseas, helping with a women’s conference. She often was a little slower to catch up to what the rest of us were doing because she would talk to anyone she came in contact with about her hope in Jesus. She’d found forgiveness and full acceptance in Him and delighted in sharing her hope so others could experience that love.

She traveled the world–77 countries–to care for people and share the One who loved her well. When she entered a room, her joy and enthusiasm captured people. She lived out loud the love she had received. She knew that what we all need most is to be seen, known, and loved. She had that; she shared it faithfully with all who would listen.

When she came back from a trip a couple of years ago, she discovered she had stage 4 ovarian cancer. She had a respite for a year after treatment, but it came back. She refused to be discouraged–she used her opportunities in the hospital to share her joy in knowing how unconditionally loved she was by Jesus.

She’d made a video shortly before she passed that was shown at her memorial service. She spoke of her life being a win-win. She wanted to be healed so she could continue loving others with all that she was. But if she died, she’d be in the presence of God for eternity. Either way, she saw her personal victory.

“For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better.” Philippians 1:21

Nancy had a Teacher who led her through life, encouraging and loving her every step of the way. She understood she couldn’t do this life alone; that became a greater reality when she got cancer. But she never wavered in her conviction that whatever happened would be a win-win for her. Being here with those she loved was a gift. Being in heaven with the One who’d given His life for her was an eternal blessing.

Nancy has modeled for me the life I long for. Win-win, no matter the circumstances, because I know Who loves me and where I’m gong.

Do you have that hope?

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