They All Fall Down

photo courtesy of Tom Wilson on Unsplash

For our family, it began with a soccer tournament.

Being outside, playing a game that requires stamina and strength, one would never expect COVID to become an issue.

After a weekend tournament, reports of players–teenagers–testing positive for COVID were circulating through the parents of those kids who’d played.

Nobody anticipated this problem.

It hit close to home.

Teagan, who participated in the tournament, tested positive for COVID a few days after returning home. Sydney, his older sister, came down with it five days later. Five days after that, their little brother Ryken tested positive. His immune system is challenged because of breathing issues, so for him it’s been a greater challenge.

Several days after Ryken came down with the virus, both his parents tested positive. They’re congested, feverish, and are really tired. Two days after that, eleven-year-old Isley came down with it, achy with a high temperature.

Two of the children haven’t yet gotten it. The oldest and the youngest.

It’s like watching the dominoes fall, one after the other.

I have felt often lately that I’m a living domino, standing in line with others, waiting to fall with the slightest push of whatever whim the culture or world comes up with. No matter what challenge comes up or what crisis awaits us, there are those who stand to face it head on. Who have an indomitable spirit and defy the pressure of everyone falling around them.

But we can’t handle it all. We aren’t strong enough, capable enough, wise enough to deal with everything that comes our way.

We can’t always win.

Life pushes us hard. We hurt for the refugees who are leaving Afghanistan hoping to land somewhere where they can start fresh. We’re fearful for those left behind who can’t fight the terrorist groups. There’s been a whole generation of girls who have been born since Americans have been helping the Afghan military, girls who have had the chance to go to school and play with freedom. That all will change. Women and girls will lose many privileges they have now.

It’s easy to fear what we don’t know and can’t control. To fear for our safety and the safety of others. We can only do so much before we reach the end of ourselves. All people are fallible; we will fail ourselves and others even with good intentions.

God never fails. He is a Rock and Fortress to those who choose to seek Him out.

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with My victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

God’s right hand is His justice, power, and victory to save us from what we fear most. It doesn’t mean this life will be easy and carefree; it means we have someone walking with us who is greater than our fears.

We can choose to live life as a domino, waiting to be pushed past our limits.

Or we can choose God’s strength to support us and help us stand in the tough times.

Do you want to crumble?

Or stand?

We get to choose.

4 responses to “They All Fall Down”

  1. Prayers for your family dear lady and hopes the remaining dominoes remain standing. Your faith is strong, His help will come.


    1. Aw, Michael, your words are kind and a true balm to my soul right now. Thanks for being an ongoing encouragement to me. You’re a gem.


  2. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    So sorry to read this, Dayle! I pray they all soon recover well. It’s bad here in TX too. We are vaccinated and just pray for God’s protection…the ultimate Giver of life and sustaining it.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Ali. We have so little control over anything in this life–mostly our attitudes and responses. Miss you so much, my friend.


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