Identifying The Apple

Every person alive has quirks.

With six children, I’ve seen my share of quirky behavior. Each child had their own brand of unique conduct. Many times it made me smile; sometimes it was annoying.

When Melody was growing up, she quickly learned the concept of “options”. She was great at making decisions, but she preferred having many options from which to choose.

We travelled to Colorado, where we relocated our jobs for two months. We all packed enough, if somewhat sparingly. We didn’t need as wide a variety of clothing for the summer as we might have back home.

Melody, however, felt compelled to bring a variety of choices, just in case. She brought more shoes than the rest of the family put together. And she managed to include a formal dress should a proper occasion present itself.

It didn’t. But not having the ability to decide her preference was unthinkable.

Fast forward several years (or more). Melody is now a mother to two wonderful children. Sloane, almost five, is mini Mel. She has the same significant presence, the same amiability.

The same need for options.

A few days ago, Sloane laid out ten skirts in order to choose the one she wanted to wear, finding five tank tops to determine the best combination. She told her mom she needed options–and then asked if Melody understood what options were.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

There are those times when we’re delighted our children or others want to imitate who we are or what we do. We see our strengths, recognize talent, and celebrate that we can have a positive impact.

When they mimic my questionable behavior–critical attitudes, arrogance, entitlement–I want to shrink to nothing and slip through the cracks.

We all follow somebody. Intentionally or unintentionally, we pattern our behavior after those we look up to, respect, or possibly are jealous of, those who seem to have more or are more.

The old saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” doesn’t reflect that we often choose the tree whose fruit we want displayed in our own lives.

We all have options to choose from. Who is worthy of our imitation? Who or what do we want to reflect in our behavior that matters?

At times it’s not even a person. Some choose power, fame, or fortune to be the image they present.

Who or what we choose to pattern our lives after matters.

When I chose to follow Jesus, I did so because of who He is. God who came to earth to save, forgive, and love me. I had many options of who I wanted to be, and for awhile I followed popularity and people-pleasing because I wanted to be liked.

I didn’t appreciate who I became.

When I chose Jesus, I didn’t have to become anybody else. He sees me, and He chooses me to be His. My options became eternal.

On any given day I decide who I’ll be, what behavior I’ll reflect. I’m not perfect, so I wander into paths that aren’t as satisfying, aren’t things I’m proud of.

But Jesus has chosen me. I’m His.

That’s an option that will last. Permanently.

7 responses to “Identifying The Apple”

  1. Your Melody and your mini-Mel are treasures! 🤍


    1. They’re truly two peas in a pod. I never thought I’d ever say that about a grand–Mel has her hands full. Sloane is not only smart, but she also’s super dramatic and is convinced she knows more than any adult. At almost five.

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  2. I read you often and today I’ve been reminded I choose my attitude and actions. I was feeling pretty down having to take new thyroid meds. I really don’t take any meds! But I know this must be God’s way of protecting the functions of my body. I will choose to accept this with a happy heart. I have a body that is wearing out but praise God I will get a new body someday! I choose to seek Jesus today! Lord make me more like you! Thank you my friend for your encouragement! Blessings to you!


    1. Aw, Barbie, thanks for your encouraging words! Yes, I too look forward to that day when I will have a new body and new eyes to see all that I’ve missed this side of heaven. I also choose to seek Jesus. Love you, my friend.


  3. Loved–“oh, to be a fly on the wall.” tee hee—Melody probably doesn’t remember me, but I remember her fun personality!!


    1. Sweet. She hasn’t changed at all–which is why Sloane is such a pistol. Like Momma, like daughter. Thanks for the reflection!

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