Where There’s A Hole There’s A Way

I’m not sure when it happened, but my grands are hooked on fishing.

It helps that our resident fisherman–our son-in-law–is gracious enough to take them to the pond behind our home and help them put the worms on the hooks and pull out the hooks that are swallowed or end up in an eye.

Ryken especially loves the chance to get out back and cast his line into the water. Each nibble, each almost-bite, brings so much joy that it’s a shame he can’t get something with each cast.

For a brief time they used lures. Plastic worms, and an assortment of preferred fish-type food. They all decided the real thing works better.

Ryken’s mom bought a container full of “juicy, big red earthworms”. They don’t last long when many are lost on continued casts and reeling in.

We purchased a small palm tree for our front garden. Planting it would require a deep hole.

The digging began. Deep and wide.

Ryken saw his chance as the adults took a breather from dirt removal. He jumped into the hole, trowel in hand, and began his own efforts at breaking up the ground.

“i got a really big one!” He held up a slimy, wiggly earthworm. “He’ll catch a big fish!”

He had a little plastic container that at one time had doubled as a tiny butterfly cage. He filled that with worms. it became easier as he went deeper–the further down he went, the more worms were to be found.

Mission accomplished. He’d provided enough for a solid hour of fishing in our back yard. Caught a few, had a few more nibbles.

And had a ball.

It’s amazing how the real thing can bring better results than decoys or fakes. Professional fishermen will argue with me, but I’m talking about kids who want to experience old-fashioned fishing. Ryken enjoyed the process of finding worms and then see some results from using fresh bait.

Watching his small journey, I wondered how often I’m satisfied with what isn’t genuine; when I’m not willing to work hard for the real thing. Knock-offs on brandname purses, shoes, exercise gear, and clothes in general are examples. They work for a time, but they’ll often wear out quicker than the piece I paid full price for. Budget airlines are a perfect example. You get what you pay for.

Settling is rarely a good idea. Today so many settle for faulty perspectives, inconsistent world views, shallow spirituality that don’t satisfy but it entices because it’s the way others think or are doing, or it’s the popular thing to do.

Jesus is real. His gospel has lasted over 2,000 years, and lives have been changed by who He is. His influence has blanketed the world with hope and life.

No one else has that track record.

A fake lure might draw in some fish; the fun is in fishing with the real thing. Seeking out the real worms takes time and a willingness to look.

It doesn’t pay to settle for the facsimile.

2 responses to “Where There’s A Hole There’s A Way”

  1. Signora Sheila Avatar
    Signora Sheila

    So true, my friend. The Real McCoy is what we need all the time!!


    1. I have no idea why we settle so much for what doesn’t satisfy–or keep trying the same things that frustrate. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?


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