Dream A Little Dream

Growing up, I had dreams of becoming wonderful things–but I never landed on just one thing.

The first career I chose was to be a horse trainer, then it morphed into owning a ranch and raising horses. I was a typical young gal horse fanatic. 

As I got older, I determined I wanted to be a writer. To hide away in some shabby attic and write the great American novel.

My kids and grands have and are going through phases of what they’d like to be. Neither John nor I nor our kids have pursued what we studied in college. Life experiences lead us to discover more about what we want to do and who we are.

What I love is the dream phase the grands are in now. Ward wants to be a doctor; Sloane desires to pursue scuba diving and being a nurse; Mason longs to be Mickey Mouse; Brooklyn wishes to teach. Each has been influenced by their current reality.

Why didn’t I ever dream of being Mickey Mouse?

Our dreams are spurred on by our experiences. They’re piqued by curiosity and hope.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered a skill set and talent for doing certain things. I love working with people–I’m an extrovert and have more words than most people want to hear. But I also have the heart to see people grow in who they are and what they can do. I’ve become a coach, which fits my personality and what I enjoy doing.

I’ve also grown in the scope of how I want to see people grow. Not just in better understanding themselves and how they choose to show up in life.

I want to see people coming to true faith in Jesus so they can know and experience His grace and mercy for them. That His real hope for each of us, His powerful love offered to us, His promise of eternity for us is something we can each experience.

To believe this life is all there is feels like a mockery. So many struggle and have difficult lives because of our broken world, living with people who will always disappoint–which is all of us. But God offers us forgiveness and wholeness in Jesus in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Not a change in our life circumstances, but wholeness in our souls that leads to contentment and joy in spite of what’s happening in our lives. 

With Jesus, we’re not alone. Ever.

This isn’t a simple panacea, a cure-all for what ails us. It’s an eternal perspective that allows us the freedom to think beyond what we see and understand to hope for what is promised by the One who made us.

Living life as it was intended is far superior to becoming a doctor or scuba diver or Mickey Mouse. Those are all good and have their places. They’re skills needed in this world.

Thinking beyond what we see and experience is the heart of faith in God. True faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t see.

Dream a little dream of experiencing life beyond what you know. True peace in your heart.

Mickey can’t even offer that.



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