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  1. terry morgan says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes. We long to feel safe and HE is the only truly safe place. You are so right when you remind us that these are not the worst of times – maybe the worst that some have experienced in their lifetimes, but there have been and will be worse still. No matter the gravity of the circumstances that cause our uncertainty, fear, and worry, the emotions are real, and we need Jesus – the person – to be with us to give us hope. I’m so thankful for how you constantly guide us to Him. …And you are wonderfully gracious and generous “Nana and Papa”.


    • daylerogers says:

      I realize the older I get the greater my need–or acknowledgement of my need–for safety. I need Jesus. Every day. And your kindness is such a wonderful reflection of His provision for encouragement in my life. Thanks for being that friend, the one who responds with gracious words and honest empathy.

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  2. I couldn’t help but think, when you talked about “Papa on the farm,” that is who Jesus/Father God is to us. This is our temporary dwelling, and we love those hear. But we also long to be with “Papa on the farm.” What a great word picture!


    • daylerogers says:

      So true, my friend. He is our Papa on the Farm; Abba in Heaven. The One who is so good to us, who is always with us, and who alone can be our Safe Place. Thanks for your encouraging words, my friend.


  3. Signora Sheila says:

    Wow Dayle, I can really relate to this one! It does hurt when grandkids grow up without us. A part of us cries out that it’s not supposed to be this way, yet it’s the way it is. It’s so good to at least know that they are all safe in the Lord’s care – as we all are. Especially in these, as you well put it, most uncertain times.


    • daylerogers says:

      Aw, Sheila, you’re such an encourager. I know how much time you’ve missed of your own grands growing up by following the Lord’s call. And I so value your wisdom and compassion in this. Thanks for your words of care and hope. We are safe in the Lord’s care!


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