Best Day Of Our Lives!


I’ve never been fond of Halloween. Not since the time we lived in a place where cats were killed and left on the streets for kids to see the next morning.

This year, though, was the best Halloween ever.

Since I’m not into the scary, spooky stuff, it’s always been about kids dressing up in fun costumes and having the chance to parade around the neighborhood for the neighbors to ooh and ahh over the cuteness of the littles.

That and the collection of candy that causes every dentist to cringe.

Since we have quite a few of the littles around us, we had a gathering on our porch. Dinner and games. 

Who knew digging in a bowl of cold spaghetti to find small plastic animals or dipping your hands in slime with tiny jelly balls would be so much fun?

There is a perception of what Halloween is supposed to be. Ghoulish parties, trick or treating for the littles–and sometimes the bigs–and the celebration of all things spooky. With COVID, what had been could not fully be. For the first time in years, we had no one coming to our door looking like princesses, stormtroopers, ballerinas, or firemen. In our neighborhood, the streets were empty.

Adjustments were made. 

It was good.

The games were definitely a highlight. Messy, slimy, sticky. Completely fun.

The best part of the night was how to creatively give them the candy they wouldn’t be able to acquire in the usual fashion. We first had a pinata, which delighted everyone with the strength and prowess of small hitters. More candy was passed out by adults in the house, which was completely darkened. The kids had to go from room to room with tiny flashlights, trick or treating where they could barely see. 

“Best day of my life!” was heard several times.

Too often today we’re in situations where we can’t do what we’ve always done. It’s easy to become stuck in disappointment and discouragement because life isn’t treating us fairly. 

But when has life ever been fair?

We long for fairness, for everyone to have an equal opportunity to do what they choose and have success doing it. Equal opportunities with equal benefits. As we have seen, again and again, life is anything but fair.

God knows all this. Having given us free wills to choose what we do and who we follow, we’ve often chosen poorly, without thought to anyone else, without considering how our actions might hurt others. 

What we need is to change our perspective and our attitudes. Instead of seeking to be treated fairly, maybe we could treat others with kindness. Instead of demanding equal opportunities, we might help others by providing them with a chance to prove themselves.

It doesn’t have to be about us.

Choosing to follow Jesus gives us power and perspective to live beyond our small expectations. Rather than acting with entitlement, we could act with grace and mercy toward others. In Him.

COVID has changed many things in our world, but maybe it’s given us the chance to change as well. 

Being better people?

Best day of our lives!




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