Chew On What’s Good And Right

Is there a better taste combination than peanut butter and chocolate?

In my family, that’s a winning combination no matter what form it takes. Smoothies, brownies, candy–if it’s PB&C, it’s viewed as a success.

I have a recipe for buckeyes that are time-intensive but favorites–a peanut butter center surrounded by a chocolate shell. They can be eaten one bite at a time, savoring the flavors as they blend together. Or stuff the whole thing in at once and chew away.

Two-year-old Mason chose the latter.

His mouth isn’t that big.

Mason had never had them before, so he was wary as he put it on his tongue. When he realized it was to his liking, he shoved the whole thing in. He could barely get his lips around it, but his eyes grew large with appreciation. He chewed, swallowed, opened his mouth to prove it was gone and repeated the process before anyone could pull the dish away from him.

The concern was that he’d choke on it; it was too big for his mouth, though that didn’t deter him. His desire for what he wanted was greater than his discomfort in trying to swallow more than he could chew.

At the moment, the results outweighed the risks.

I tend to be that “all in” person. When I find something I agree with or enjoy, I’m wholehearted in my support and enthusiasm. 

Which has gotten me in trouble. 

I too often lead with my emotions. I’m an empathetic person who cries at heartfelt commercials, who wants to help those in need no matter what it might cost me, and who chooses to support those things that I believe to be good causes.

However, not every fight is worth what it costs, and not every hill is worthy of dying on.

When I jump into something without fully understanding the whole picture, without considering the ramifications of my choices and actions, I find I can do more harm than good without intending to. 

I bite off more than I can chew.

My kids used to despair that I would ever learn that telemarketers didn’t care about me. I’d listen to their shpiel and buy it because it sounded like the right thing to do. Helping a certain group of people. Contributing to a great cause. 

But the whole conversation was scripted. Made to sound good for those who would hear it and want to be part of what they sold or were seeking donations for.

A good script isn’t true. It merely plays to the emotions of those who hear it. 

Asking the right questions, fact-checking, seeking wisdom from those who know more about a situation than I do is smart.

There is only one person I’m all in on.


I trust Him because He has proven Himself faithful to what He says. My life has changed because I’ve experienced His words to be true. I’ve experienced His power and peace in ways I never did before.

There is nothing and no one else that is that reliable. 

Everything and everyone else has the ability to disappoint.

Choose wisely who and what you believe.

Taste and see if it’s good.









8 responses to “Chew On What’s Good And Right”

  1. Oh Dayle. You are so “all in”!!
    And I am so glad.


    1. I’ve learned from the best, dear friend. You’ve lived “all in” ever since I’ve known you–an inspiring and passionate life lived out loud. You’re one of my true heroes.


  2. Biting off more than I can chew. That’s so easy to do! And I’ve found that it usually gets me into hot water!! Yet, why do I at times hesitate pn going all in with Christ! What a mess I am!


    1. We are in the same boat, my friend. I can question why I do that, biting off so much I can’t even close my jaws, but when it’s all about Jesus, I hesitate. Not because I don’t believe He is faithful–He’s proven that over and over again. But because I’m afraid I won’t stay the course or will quit prematurely. His follow-through is perfect and consistent. Mine? Not so much,


      1. Exactly, Dayle!! What a way you have with words!


      2. We’re two peas in a pod, my friend. Pod-mates!


  3. I love your “all in” personality!! I need to emulate more of that 🙂


    1. You’re so kind, Mel. You are all-in–and everyone sees it. Love you, my friend.


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