The Things In Life Worth Cheering


photo courtesy of Brayden George on Unsplash

He’s so happy.

Having had a tough week at work, my husband settled into a joy-filled place Saturday for a fall favorite.

American college football.

With all the uncertainty COVID has brought, this was yet one more potential loss. Another “Wait till next year when things may be back to normal”.

It’s happening. I, for one, am grateful. College football is a wonderful decompressor for John.

I benefit from it.

There’s something to be said about enjoyable routines. Situations we can anticipate with a smile instead of anxiety. At a time when dread is screamed from all forms of media, when despair is the underlying national energy that is a provocation greater than the tolerance of most, this one fall standard reminds us that life goes on.

It’s the emotional nudge we all need now.

Hard things have always happened throughout history. Wars, natural disasters, plagues, losses that are greater than we can comprehend. Grief is a global reality. Life is hard and unfair.

People are hard and unfair. Even when we want to care about the things that are important to us. That often entails stepping on others emotions or pain in ways we hadn’t anticipated and wouldn’t have chosen to do.

The difference today is that everything is happening in front of us, whether we’re present for the crisis or not. We’re able to see a shooting almost immediately because someone has made a video on their phone and posted it to social media. Injustice never leaves us because people talk about it and their comments and speeches are aired rapidly.

We’re all caught in the middle of grinding change, unsure times, an uncertain future that we have no control over.

It feels safe to be a fan. To cheer on a team without having the personal consequences of a game affect any more than team pride.

In today’s world, a touchdown is a space to cheer. Or not.

Tension exists at all levels. Politics, finances, jobs, schooling, and dealing with a new group of people who are depressed. Especially children.

Juggling the emotions of all this is exhausting.

But God.

None of this is news to Him. He knows about it and is available to help us through it.

If we ask.

Many wonder why He doesn’t step in and make everything fair and equal for everyone. Why won’t He fix the problems that are crippling our world.

He’s not just a coach hired to create the best roster and instruct in great plays for game day.

He’s God Almighty who seeks to love those He’s created in ways that are life-giving to those who are His. He doesn’t want to merely fix life. For us to be fans of what He does when a big game is on the line.

He wants to give real life to those who know they need more than this world offers.

We all need a break from stress and uncontrolled outcomes.

A great coach will give you a game plan for the moment.

Engage the One who has your best interests at heart for eternity.

That’s the winning play.





2 responses to “The Things In Life Worth Cheering”

  1. I’m grateful for football too! But even more grateful for THE PERFECT coach who cares for me and is in control of the ultimate game outcome. It looks like chaos to me most of the time, but I’m so glad He can read those plans and direct us to the final win. Great word picture – as always, dear friend!


    1. Your encouraging words are always a balm to my soul. Love you Ter.

      Liked by 1 person

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