Is There A Safe Haven?

She didn’t bring him out right away. We knew he’d come, but we had to wait to see him. When she was ready to show him.

We have deer living in the brush surrounding the pond behind our home, and it became obvious that one of the does was going to have a baby this past spring.

One day she showed up, less of her but no little one with her.

We have other wildlife behind our home, and I was concerned something had gotten to the little one. All the mother doe had done to provide for her baby might have been for nothing.

Then he showed up in our backyard. Alone. Resting on the ground as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

I didn’t see his mother, but I’m sure she was nearby. I couldn’t imagine, with hiding him for this long, that she’d let him out of her sight. But the little guy was calm as I approached to take his picture. He looked at me with interest, not fear. I respected his need for distance and didn’t push my luck. As I stood there and we stared at each other, I wondered how it would be to feel that calm, that safe in the midst of this very big and harsh world.

People all over the world are longing for that sense of peace and safety now. Life appears to be spiraling down into places none of us really want to go. Fear is rampant; anger is nurtured by fear which can lead to divisions among people, who then become caught in a perfect storm of loss of control and perspective.

Like the fawn, we have limited resources to keep us safe. We need outside help from those who are concerned and able to assist us.

We all want a safe haven. A place of rest for our overwhelmed minds and overdone emotions.

There is no safer place than in the arms of God. The Father who knows what horrors we deal with and calms us with His truth and love. This world is not a safe place–no matter what your geography or socioeconomic status. We can’t hide from brokenness. We can’t avoid shattered dreams.

But God offers us comfort and peace in the midst of the crises. He doesn’t make them go away–that short circuits the free will of those He has created in love. Consequences happen because of the condition of our world–sadness, despair, loss, grief. He’s in it with us, experiencing our pain because He knows what it’s like to be misrepresented and misunderstood. He knows what it’s like to feel the hatred of the crowds. He understands the cost of standing up for what you believe in.

Jesus did all that. And more.

Who is safest to go to when the times are tumultuous? Who is best equipped to help us through those times of hardship and heartache?

The One who has lived it.

In the midst of the uncertainty of today, He is our safe haven.

And so much more.



6 responses to “Is There A Safe Haven?”

  1. We have two sets of baby deer around our place. They bring me such joy – and yes, a reminder of His peace and care. So wonderful. A gift from Him!


    1. Seeing this little guy gave me such a sense of calm. I can’t even describe it. If he could rest there, by himself, his mama not to be seen, how can I not rest in the hands of our loving Father who is so present in everything that happens to us? Kind of humbling, really.

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  2. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    A very appropriate message for the world today! Oh, that more people knew that peace that passes understanding which He gives!


    1. So true, my friend. The calm of His presence is the balm of our souls. The hope of our hearts. Miss you, Alie!


  3. We had a doe give birth to twins under our trampoline last year…a safe place it’s straw piled under it. They keep coming back to our yard for that reason. We are not as fond of them as others probably are since they eat my flowers and apples off the trees, as well as try to destroy Joe’s vegetable garden. But, I learned something about baby deer….they have no scent when born so their mama goes off in order to protect them from being found because she does have a scent. Mama feeds all day and comes back at night, usually. Not that God ever leaves us, so that comparison isn’t there but He does whatever it takes to protect us. Baby deer are so beautiful, and yes, they don’t seem to be afraid, just calm and trusting. I wish I was like that all the time. Glad you had such a cool experience.


    1. Amazing! I had no idea baby deer had no scent. Mama leaving protects them! Incredible how the Lord gives even His animals instincts to provide for and protect their own. And they are surely more diligent about it than we are. Miss you, my friend. I hope you’re doing well all quarantined and all. Give Joe a hug for me!


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