Applying Truth Can Be Sticky

Food isn’t always viewed as the best thing to be eaten.

Tastes vary. Many have allergies and are unable to eat certain foods. And some days something just doesn’t sound good enough to eat.

Cal, at two, isn’t the most accommodating eater in our family. He’s picky, and if it’s something he doesn’t want or won’t try, he pitches it off his highchair.

The dogs have learned to wait expectantly nearby.

The most challenging foodstuff to get into him is protein. He’s not a fan of meat or eggs, and his enjoyment of peanut butter comes and goes. He’s getting enough nourishment because he’s growing, and his energy level is something I can only dream of having.

One morning for breakfast, when Cal really didn’t want anything but fruit snacks, his mom got creative. She spread peanut butter on a waffle and cut it in pieces for easy consumption.

He picked up a piece and examined it.

The piece never got near his mouth. Instead, he put it peanut-butter-side down on his chest.

It stuck.

He put the rest of the pieces on his chest and tummy. Like giant messy stickers. Or pieces to a very grubby puzzle.

Not only did he avoid eating what he didn’t want, but he had fun doing it.

The dogs were all over him. He’d gotten enough peanut butter smeared over his entire belly that they were able to reach it with their tongues.

Sticky and slimy.

This was hysterical to watch, but normally I don’t condone wearing food. It’s not what it’s meant for.

How often do I do things that aren’t done the way they were intended? When I don’t follow directions or do things the way they’re supposed to be done. I make choices that suit me.

That might work if I lived in a world all alone, and my life didn’t impact anyone else’s. The fact that we share this world with billions of others means we have to be conscious of our choices and how they affect other people.

Truth is absolute. It’s not a piece of clay that we can continually shape in a way that pleases us. Truth is the reality that exists. I can’t look at the moon and decide it’s the sun because I want it to be that. It is what it is. It must be handled in a way that respects its consistency and what it was created to be.

We struggle globally now with how we’re choosing to look at our circumstances. People want to choose what is right based on what they need. There’s no freedom or hope in that.

Only God.

He alone is the truth. He speaks of two rules we need to follow to find contentment and hope in this life–love God, and love others as He loves us. It’s selflessness that doesn’t come easy. God’s way takes the focus off what we demand and puts it on what all of us need.

To be loved, accepted, forgiven, and valued.

Only God.

Ignoring truth leads to chaos that impacts everyone through its ripple effect. Hurtful and ineffective.

As effective as trying to get nutrition by plastering peanut butter waffles on your stomach.






2 responses to “Applying Truth Can Be Sticky”

  1. …and here we are again, writing together – although separately – about a desire to find and apply truth with love and compassion, despite the sticky and complicated (my word this week) reality of our broken, hurting world. So love that we journey together. “Only God” will be able to fix this mess!


    1. YES! Complicated! I loved that blog. And please take my word for it–I’m NOT COPYING! I so love that we journey together, my dear.

      Liked by 1 person

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