Is It Ever Enough?

photo courtesy of Methi Somcag on Unsplash

Here in Florida, we’re fully into hurricane season. We’ve had three named storms already. I never remember the names.

What I do focus on is the amount of precipitation we get during this time.

Not all hurricane seasons are the same. Some years we have very few, and the rain never comes. It’s a Florida drought when that happens, and everyone is careful about watering only on their allotted days.

We’ve just come out of a dry period and are grateful for the rain. The ponds were extremely low. The grass was brown and crunchy. Ducks were standing in the water, not swimming in it.

We needed rain.

We’ve gotten it. Good, solid soakings that have revitalized our grass, filled our ponds and made all the flowers happy again. As an inconsistent gardener, the rain has saved me from neglecting to water my herb garden.

The humor in all of this is part of our Floridian lifestyle. Because of the intensity of the sun most days of the year, many people have sprinkling systems to water their yards. They’re more efficient in watering effectively without as much waste.

Unless it’s been raining.

After a truly grand soaking last night, accompanied by the timpani of thunder and lightning, the ground has become supersaturated. Excess water flows into the streets and sewers, and there are standing ponds on many lawns.

And yet, as I walked today, I was laughing at the number of people who had their sprinklers running. The water had nowhere to go.

It was unnecessary.

Water is required for life itself. Is it possible to have too much of a good and necessary thing?

I find I operate many times with a too-much, not-enough mentality. If a little of something is a good thing–like chocolate–more is better. Only if it doesn’t rot my teeth, cause weight gain, or make me sick to my stomach. Then it becomes problematic.

I typically don’t figure that out until I’ve eaten too much of it and begin dealing with the consequences.

I think of myself in those terms as well. I’m too much for some people. Loud and talkative, I can be overwhelming. I’m not enough for others. I don’t have the right skill set or personality.

Where in life can we get exactly what we need?

Jesus offers us that with His gift of mercy and grace. He paid the price for our brokenness and misery with His death on the cross.

That payment is sufficient for everyone who seeks forgiveness and a relationship with God.

Nobody has to do anything to earn His favor, to be good enough to receive such a gift, to become somebody else to be qualified for forgiveness. Nobody can earn what’s being offered or be good enough to be considered worthy of such a gift. Jesus paid the full price for anyone seeking the hope of His love and compassion.

No strings attached.

We can’t predict when or if we will get the rain we need. But we can know with certainty the life we’re offered in Him.

That’s precisely what we all need.





5 responses to “Is It Ever Enough?”

  1. Tom and Diane Terry Avatar
    Tom and Diane Terry

    I have seen people’s sprinkler systems on in New Mexico when there is snow on the ground. What a waste of good water, where water is precious.

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    1. So very true, my friend, And we pay for the wasted water! Ridiculous! But isn’t that what we’re about> Thanks for reading!

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  2. Too much or too little is my constant state. Ugh. Thanks for reminding me that I am neither for Jesus and He is always enough for me. I needed that reminder today.

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    1. Dear friend, it’s what I need every day. The lies come fast and furious. And they sound so much more believable than the true words of God. What’s that all about?

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      1. Please let me know if you figure it out! xxoo

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