There Is Music In The Voices

He has watched everyone put them in and wear them. He’s well aware of their use–music flows from them. And if Cal is nothing else, he’s a connoisseur of music.

At two years of age, Cal will attempt anything if music is involved. He picks up a beat quickly, and dance moves just happen from our mini-choreographer. He sees his parents and siblings wearing their earbuds, listening to music as they go about their tasks.

He wants the music to be with him.

He found Papa’s earbuds on his desk–he’s at the eye level where he misses nothing. He grabbed them and shoved them in his ears–the wrong end first. He ran into the room yelling, “No music! No music!”

In his mind, those little ear things weren’t doing what they were supposed to be doing.

He didn’t catch that he’d put them in the wrong way. He couldn’t understand that they wouldn’t work the way he was using them.

It didn’t lessen his frustration, however. His lack of comprehension just bothered him more.

Where was the music?

It’s the dilemma we’re all facing today. We anticipate the music of equality and fairness. The melodies of hope and acceptance. The harmony of everyone making a difference. For some, calm and controlled protests didn’t bring the tunes everyone wanted to hear; their actions became harsher, and the hope for the symphony of solidarity and solace ended.

Music is a universal language, for we all recognize our own soul songs. Songs of desire and hope, songs of pain and despair, songs of delight and joy, songs of sadness and grief.

Music moves us because God sings over us. He sings a strong song to our hearts, calling us to join Him in a chorus of compassion as He shares His love for us. He rejoices over us with singing that reflects His pure delight in all that we are.

Our own mess and brokenness have deafened us to His music. We may be doing all the right things–helping others, taking time to listen to others, giving to the needs of others. But it doesn’t feel satisfying because what we really want is a sense of everything working out the way we envision it.

That won’t happen. Not this side of heaven. We are incapable of making a perfect life for ourselves.

The reality is we all like different music. Classical, rock, jazz, country, hard metal–there are many types of music that appeal to the huge variety of people who listen to it.

What’s music to some sounds dissonant to others.

We’ve each grown to listen to music differently.

God’s song is one of acceptance, forgiveness, grace, and mercy. He sings a song of love that won’t ever end or diminish. A tune of delight in all that we are.

We can hear His music easier if we tune in to His Word, the Bible, and allow the words of Truth to flow over us. To remind us of what’s important, what will build us into the people we long to be.

Nobody needs earbuds to hear His song. Just a willingness to listen.

God’s music will captivate you.








2 responses to “There Is Music In The Voices”

  1. God does truly sing a song in the genre that most resonates with our individual heart in a way that nothing and nobody in this world can do, no matter how hard we try. We need Him so desperately… and adorable photos like this one. =) Thanks, friend, as always, for the music for my soul.


    1. We all need music for our hearts now. I long to hear His voice singing loudly–and yet anger and hatred are loud and jarring. Thanks, my friend, for being such an encourager.

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