Fear Makes Us Do Funny Things

I’ve washed the top several layers of skin off my hands.

Meetings have been canceled; group gatherings are scrapped.

The shelves are empty of toilet paper, water, wipes, and macaroni and cheese.

Here in Florida, it feels a little like preparation for a hurricane.

This is a different kind of bad. A unique kind of fear.

The coronavirus has changed the way we’re living life right now. Here in the U.S., we have the benefit of seeing how this illness has affected other areas of the world, and we’ve been fortunate to learn from the experience of others.

We’re not always good at applying what we know to be true.

Uncertainty causes all of us to react in ways that aren’t logical or thought through. Especially in America, we don’t want to be restricted. We don’t want others–especially those in authority–to tell us we can’t go here or we need to stay there. We are, after all, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

It’s not brave to go against restrictions put in place by those who know what they’re talking about. That’s arrogant. There’s no freedom if people who could potentially harm others are allowed to do as they like. That’s callous and thoughtless.

I have the privilege of working with folks who run the gamut in age, from young 20’s on up into their 70’s. If I’m to respect all people, no matter their age or health, I need to realize how necessary those limitations are for the good of everyone. Having people disregard such constraints puts everyone at risk.

Am I happy about this? No. This messes with my plans for the next few months. Everything is more challenging. There is disappointment in many instances. Isley, one of my grands, is in the production of “The Wizard of Oz” the first weekend in April, and that will most likely get postponed or canceled. Not doing what they’d prepared for is disappointing.

John watched ESPN as they canceled March Madness, MLS, NBA, and various other sports activities. Some are only postponed. But for the seniors who would have played in their final season for the championship, this was disappointing.

Uncertainty is hard to deal with. We all long for control over some areas of our lives; that rarely happens the way we anticipate.

In an uncertain world, we have an unchanging God. One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

We perceive life and respond as it affects us. God’s perception of all of life is complete; He knows everything, sees everything. Nothing is lost on Him.

Many will ask why He allows harsh things to happen like the coronavirus. If He’s a good God, why so much pain and out-of-control hysteria?

Because He’s not coercing anyone to follow Him. He invites us into His bigger picture, His grand presence. He forces Himself on no one. He allows us to make our decisions–free will is a reality.

And it’s messy.

Choosing to follow God in the midst of the harshness of life doesn’t guarantee freedom from illness or life working out as we want it.

He does guarantee peace.

And right now, that’s better than toilet paper.



8 responses to “Fear Makes Us Do Funny Things”

  1. A well reasoned response–Dayle. I love that we have an unchanging God. He will be with us through this storm. Praying for all of us to cling to Him during this time and beyond. 🙂


    1. It seems like the longer this goes on and the less people feel in control, the more the crazies attack. And we go nuts. But God. That’s what it all comes down to. But God. Thanks for your encouraging words.

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  2. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    Yes, Dayle, we don’t like restrictions on what we want to do, but already I can see where it is making some folks think more
    seriously about God who would not if life was as usual. It’s a new opportunity to trust an Almighty, Sovereign God in fresh ways. I’m looking forward to see how He uses this for good and for His
    Glory! Love you! Keep writing, dear friend!


    1. Thanks, Ali, for your sweet encouragement, I find it so true that when we have all control taken from us, we need to figure out who does have it. When we finally turn to the Lord, He’s so gracious about helping us have His shalom. That’s what I’m fully anticipating for all His children–His shalom. Love you, my friend.


  3. An especially great post, Dayle! I know what you mean about washing skin off. My hands were getting raw. Because of my eye surgery I had to keep even more clean!

    You are so spot on about about why lockdown is hard on us. But freedom is no longer freedom when it could injure others. I like how you bring out that the problems in our world are because we’ve been given free will. And that it’s messy. But I especially love that God “does guarantee peace.” And “that’s better than toilet paper.” Or over here, than pasta or espresso. Because the supermarkets were lacking TP, pasta, and coffee!! God’s peace is a whole lot better!!


    1. You’ve got that right, my friend. We don’t like containment–I watch my young grandkids get upset when they can’t leave the house or do what they want. And I’m no different. I believe the Lord will use this to grow us all up to be more like Jesus. Which I need since I can see my attitude right up there with my two-year-old grandson’s!

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      1. Kids have a way of showing us the truth about ourselves, for sure!!


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