Does The Door Open?

Our doors to the back yard have been a source of struggle for years. They have annoyed me because of their inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

Doors that open are a value.

We had sliding glass doors in our family room, original with the house. They worked well for the first decade, sliding easily back and forth, never a problem for any of us. Not even the littles.

As time went on, they became tougher to move. I walked in one day while my youngest daughter was tugging at it to get it open.

It wouldn’t budge.

I tried cleaning the tracks, spraying them with some oil thing. That helped with one opening of the doors.

Then stuck became the norm. Even the lock on them became difficult to work.

It got to the point that the easiest way to get to the backyard was to go out the front and around. They didn’t function as they were supposed to.

Doors were made to open.

We were able to put in French doors. They open easily, lock completely, allow easy access to the outside, and have blinds for privacy.

This was what I wanted. Doors that work.

How amazing would it be if all of life functioned as it should, as it was intended?.

Where people could be fed, clothed, and sheltered when they had needs for provision. Where families worked together for the good of all involved. Where governments cared more about their people than power. Where individuals were aware of their actions and cared about others more than themselves.

We come up with self-help books, podcasts, programs, seminars to help us become better people. To allow us to develop in ways that make us a cut above the rest, individually and in groups. When the next new thing comes to light, everyone jumps on the bandwagon of this idea, this assessment, this program.

Success may be seen for a season, but it’s hard to experience it for a lifetime.

But God.

We were each created purposefully and uniquely, to operate in close association with one another. Recognizing that we’re each different, and in our differences, we meet each other’s needs. God never intended us to exist in isolation but in community. We don’t have what it takes to be our own enough. No matter what our needs may be.

Each of us needs each other. All of us need God. To operate apart from either is a path of disappointment.

It’s why God sent Jesus, God with us, to give us a picture of what unity is really about. How we can live as we were created to live.

We have a user’s manual God has provided. The Bible.

I can guarantee that in years to come, these doors that I enjoy so much now won’t work. They will break down, just like everything in life does. And I’ll whine about them and want them replaced.

I’m under construction with God, a process of love He will continue till I go to heaven.

Then I’ll be all that I’m meant to be.

That’s the door worth going through.

It’s not hard to open.






5 responses to “Does The Door Open?”

  1. And they look beautiful!

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  2. I so agree. I can’t do life without God.


    1. Don’t we all need Him? I get messed up when I think I’ve got it all together. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

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      1. I do the same thing. Maybe one day I’ll be a Mary that sits as Jesus’s feet rather than busy Martha who frets about getting everything done.


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