‘Twas The Very First Christmas

Photo courtesy of Dan Kiefer on Unsplash

‘Twas the very first Christmas, and all through the stable

Not much could be seen, not even a table.

The donkey and cow, both in sleepy-time calm

Awaited the workday that would come with the dawn.

A cry broke the silence, and in the stable so bare

A miracle happened that indeed was quite rare.

A Baby was born, of whom prophets had spoken,

The Messiah, the Savior, God’s most beloved Token

Who’d come to bring life and light to a world

That was lost and quite dark, its mess all a swirl.

His mom, a young girl who gave God her trust,

Told her she’d bare this Boy in a world so unjust.

She wrapped Him in lambing cloths, quite clean but so plain,

Not the most honored clothes for the King of all men.

Out in the fields, where they spent days unending,

Were shepherds with flocks, their charges attending.

They’d been there for days, a rhythm they’d found,

When quite out of nowhere they heard a great sound.

A song sung so beautifully in glorious light;

The shepherds were shocked and filled with great fright.

But the angels who sang were not fearsome or bad,

They told of a wonder that would make all folks glad.

A Baby was born who’d bring hope to all people,

He’d come to make love and forgiveness so simple.

The shepherds were glad and made haste to go see

The wonder they’d heard of, so hard to believe.

When they got to the stable, they all bowed in joy

At the sight of this family, especially the Boy.

They knew at that moment the angels were right,

That before them was hope, joy, and love in plain sight.

They left singing songs of great gladness and joy,

Of the King of all kings, who’d come here as a Boy.

When wise men did come after many months past,

They brought rich gifts to honor the King whose reign would last.

So this Christmas, with gifts galore and many a meal,

Remember the Reason that makes this day real.

It’s not getting what you think you want or spending too much dough,

It’s peace on earth, goodwill toward men, a gift only God can grow.

May you find joy and peace in this season of great promise,

So your heart may be filled with the hope of His goodness.

Merry Christmas to all, and may your hearts be fullli with the truth of Him who came to give us true life.




3 responses to “‘Twas The Very First Christmas”

  1. Merry, Merry Christmas Dayle!! Your poem is very moving and touching! Thank you!! The beauty of that special night shown through in the pictures created by the words.


    1. Merry Christmas, Katers! May this be a day where your memories are filled with His goodness, even when it feels not so bright, and your heart is brimming with the joy and peace He came to bring. I so appreciate you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Merry Christmas Dayle to you and yours. 🙂 Thank you for those sweet sentiments! I so appreciate you !!


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