Can You Guess That Carol?

“We three kings of oranges are, bearing gifts we travel so far;

Field and fountain, mores the mountains,

Follow the wonder star.”

I knew what she was singing–she was spot on with her pitch. But Brooklyn, at four, didn’t have context for some of the words for the Christmas carol. So she adjusted.

She wasn’t far off, but listening to her sing made me smile. Her enjoyment of the music didn’t lessen the reality of not knowing all the words.

She rode in the backseat, and I hummed along with her as she belted out one carol after another. This gal had knowledge. She knew the second verse of some of these favorite Christmas songs.

But not all the right words.

The melodies were familiar, old favorites that I’ve sung since I was a child. What made them special was her passion, her conviction that this was the song. Those were the words.

I do the same thing with songs where the melody catches my attention but I never get around to learning the words. I don’t have the best ear for discerning lyrics–I often make a mess of them, but that never lowers the decibel level at which I sing.

Like “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John. I enjoyed his music and could sing along with them fairly accurately. Not karaoke-worthy, but close to what the tune sounded like.

Not “Benny and the Jets”.

Music is communication understood by people all over the world, even if they don’t speak the language is used in a song. Music stirs us in our souls, sometimes kindly, other times with toughness or passion, still other times with heavy-handed intent.

Music is as unique as all who sing.

King David fully understood that truth. As a shepherd, he would sing to the sheep as he passed his time in the fields with his wooly charges. Some of the most beautiful and meaningful songs in all of history are the Psalms, written from passionate hearts by David and others who shared their souls and hearts, their fears and joys, questions that had no complete answers, hopes that had yet to be seen.

Words mean something.

There are different kinds of music, varying styles, a plethora of artists who write and sing what their hearts need to express. I’m the first to admit I don’t enjoy all forms of music, though my taste is eclectic. I most appreciate music that moves my heart and yet causes me to think past my emotions.

People long to hear songs of love and acceptance, a desire that comes from being created in the image of God.

God chooses to sing over us with delight, a song of His heart that tells us of His love and commitment to us.

If we choose to listen to His soft and gentle words of tenderness. Words of truth, hope, and promise. A melody of unsurpassed beauty.

Brooklyn may not get all the words right, but her heart sings out of sheer joy. She loves what she hears.

Allow God’s melody to play in your heart so you can experience His joy in you.

He’ll teach you the words.







2 responses to “Can You Guess That Carol?”

  1. Loved that last line again, Dayle–“He’ll teach you the words.” Perfect!!


  2. Your words give such incredible encouragement, my friend. Thank you.


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