Frozen In Time

I wasn’t prepared for the plethora of Frozen II paraphernalia when I walked into the store. I should have been. Frozen was a phenomenon that never grew old. There are grands in the family born since the movie first hit that have been entranced by Elsa, Anna, and their exploits since they could say “Olaf”.

This has been the most serious of Halloween discussions–who will dress up as Anna and who will be Elsa?

Two little girls trick or treating this year want to be a character from the movie. Neither wanted to be Sven, Kristoff or Olaf–all very male and none of whom wore pretty dresses. Choosing whether to be Elsa or Anna has been challenging.

Three-year-old Brooklyn had decided to be Anna. She’s the one I’d have picked. Spunky and engaging, friendly and bold She very much is like  Brooklyn, who has had Anna’s dress for some time, putting it on for dress-up fun, having conversations with her imaginary Olaf. Living the part.

Sloane, also three, had decided to be Elsa. Elsa is more guarded, royal in her posture, with a mind of her own. Sloane has the mind-of-her-own part down; guarded is the exact opposite of who she is.

Sloane also had the gloves that were very much a part of Elsa’s character and growth.

The girls have changed their minds several times in the last few days. Typically, both want to be Elsa. The desire to wield the magic and freezing everyone into popsicles seems a greater draw than being the sister that helps the queen find redemption because of her love.

They listen to the soundtrack all the time. Alexa is constantly asked to play “Let It Go”. As the song begins, inevitably one of the girls will yell, “Pause, Alexa.” They both run off to put on the costumes so they can let it go in style.

All for Halloween.

Halloween. Making believe we’re something we’re not or can never be. For fun and candy.

Watching these two prepare for this very auspicious night has been fun and thought-provoking. The fun of make-believe is in imagining what it would be like to be someone so different from us. I’m not a fan of the macabre, as so many are, but when kids dress up as Superman or a doctor or a princess, there is something inside driving them toward that choice. To be more than they see themselves at present. Whether it’s bigger, scarier, weirder, or goofier than they are, it’s a chance to step out of themselves. For an evening.

God has made each of us with a unique skillset and story. I know I haven’t often agreed with His choices–some have been harder than I wanted to deal with. But I’ve been made for a purpose that is greater than any make-believe. To love God, be loved by Him, and love others.

It’s easy to compare myself to others, to wish I was someone smarter, more respected, better positioned, But who I am is significant for all those lives I’ll touch. I need to be the best me God has made me be.

That and wear the Olaf costume I was gifted with.






5 responses to “Frozen In Time”

  1. We have the Frozen frenzies around here too!! My Granddaughter had all the words to the entire movie memorized–when she was 3–she is 5 now. 🙂 Love your play with words, and your fun descriptions–I can see what you write. 🙂


    1. You are so incredibly kind! I’m a visual learner–it’s the only way life makes sense. Which is why my question is always, “What does that LOOK like?” Thanks, sweet friend. You made my day.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope you are having a great day with all those yummy grands!!


    1. They are wonderful. I’ve never thought of them as yummy. Sticky, maybe. Gooey, crusty, but not really yummy. I’m so grateful for your encouragement!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol–my grands are definitely yummy–I could eat them up!! 🙂


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