I Wasn’t Made For This

While we were gone this summer, my friend Amy took charge of freshening up my kitchen. Dream items that are sweet gifts to me.

One of my heart’s desires was to have a bigger sink. My other sink was adequate, but I had to maneuver big pots and pans to get them clean. Not a deal-breaker at all, but something nice.

I got more than nice. I got huge.

When I first saw it, I thought, “Did I ask for that? It’s huge!”

It’s deep and wide, and I’ve no problem washing larger pots and pans in it.

It’s good for so much more.

Since two of my grands and their parents are living with us, it has become the go-to bathtub for the littles. Which helps immensely because the tub in our bathroom hasn’t been able to be used for the past seven years; the drain doesn’t work.

Mason, at almost eighteen months, has a habit of wearing his food. The wise way to feed him is to strip him down to his diaper and let him have at it. A large amount of wipes is needed to remove the food with which he’s painted his body.

One morning, after more Nutella ended up in his hair and on his face than in his stomach, I had a brilliant idea. Gingerly lifting him out of his highchair–I didn’t want my shade of the day to be Nutella–I plopped him in the sink, turned on the faucet, plugged the sink and watched.

Bliss for a toddler is sitting in a space with water flowing and having the chance to play. With a plastic cup, his ingenuity took over. He poured water on himself, pulled the plug out and replaced it countless times, and managed to squirt me.

Washing him was so much easier than bending over a tub. This was quicker, convenient, comfortable, and instant fun.

Three-year-old Brooklyn finally wanted her chance. She declared that she loved taking baths in sinks.

Not what that sink was created for.

Have there been little food particles floating in our makeshift tub? Absolutely. Has the sink occasionally been grosser than the child? Perhaps. But it works.

How often do I find myself in situations where I think I just wasn’t created for this? When I’m asked to do things I’m uncomfortable with or haven’t done before, it’s easy to tell someone, “That’s not really something I do.” If I’m afraid of failing, of disappointing people because they think I’m better than I know I am, I’ll find a way around it.

The reverse is true as well. If I’m asked to do something menial, behind-the-scenes where no one knows what I’ve done, I can tend to feel I’m better than that.

The truth is we’ve all been made to know God. He created us for a relationship with Him and knowing Him is the best thing I can do. Whether or not I think I’m worthy of Him.

He alone makes me worthy.

That changes who I am as a person. I no longer live to just please myself but to interact with the One who loves me completely.

Just like that sink, I’m created for so much more.


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