He’s Coming!

We lived through Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. It was 2004, one of the worst hurricane seasons in Florida history. Saturated and blown beyond what was comfortable.

We’re set again to have a massive, unwelcome guest headed our way. We’ve no idea when or how he will show up, but we’ll know when he’s here.

The Weather Channel has talked of nothing but Dorian for days. This happened two years ago with Hurricane Irma–we were set up for fear and trepidation for two weeks before she hit. Every newscast painted a more dire picture of what she could do, where she would go.

She didn’t show up where they thought she would.

There are models from all over the world about where Hurricane Dorian will hit our eastern coast. The predictions have morphed in the last several days, making it seem that we here in Florida won’t get the devastation previously expected.

One of the funniest things is the map on the Weather Channel, with arrows and cones and directions all over the place. And in big white letters in a red box is “Exact Track Still Uncertain”.

No one knows where Dorian will hit. They can make educated guesses with the instruments, understanding, and knowledge they have about hurricane activity. But they can’t tell where he’ll hit and with what degree of devastation.

Meteorologists live for this season, where they have the chance to share their incredible knowledge of a truly difficult situation. They are our Paul Revere’s, warning us of what is to come. It gives us the chance to be prepared, to make adjustments to our every day lives so we can deal with what is unusual.

No one can control or precisely predict what Dorian will do.

I’ll confess I’ve gotten a little cavalier about hurricanes of late. We always make preparations, buying water, peanut butter, crackers that won’t mold. We clear off our yard so nothing is free to fly in case huge winds hit us. A lesson we learned in Charley when the winds picked up our trampoline in our yard and moved it, thankfully not into anyone’s home.

I’m not panicking. I don’t feel fear or a sense of dread. Having been through several of these–thankfully without a huge amount of damage–I’m well aware that I can’t stop them from happening.

Preparation can only go so far.

So we wait. Knowing it could be worse than expected but understanding I have no control over what happens.

This is life. Being wise to prepare for what choices we do have, but being aware that each day has its own issues we can’t control.

My confidence is in God, who knows my days, my story, the details of my life. Choosing to know Him is the one thing I can do that will guarantee me an eternal future. Heaven is promised to those who know Him personally.

I don’t know what today holds or what tomorrow will bring. I can prepare, being wise to do what needs to be done, work hard, love well, choose kindness and courage, living a life that reflects who I really am.

And putting confidence in an all-knowing God.

Way better than the Weather Channel.



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