Grins, Giggles And A Little Wiggle

I find easy to whine and complain. Especially lately. I’m not the only one like this–whininess and discontent are like an airborne disease that affects us all.

Depending on the weather, circumstances, and which side of the bed we chose to get up from.

I’ve been less than jolly because of a sore back. I didn’t prepare for it, certainly haven’t appreciated it, and have acted somewhat the martyr because of personal discomfort.

My flare for the dramatic. A gene I’ve seen passed down to the grands.

One more thing to apologize to my kids for.

I need to focus on that which is uplifting and encouraging. I’ve many friends who are going through truly difficult times, and my circumstances pale in comparison to theirs. That truth doesn’t always translate to choices of contentment and joy.

It takes work to be joyful. A refocus. Intentional thinking. The belief that joy is there to be experienced.

I’m fortunate. I’ve got a little joy-maker living with me.

Our daughter, her husband, and their two littles are in temporary residence with us. Their oldest is a Disney princess, shrunk down and looking the part in one of her fancy dresses most days.

Mason is more like Tigger. Bouncy, flouncy, and fun.

This little guy wakes up most mornings with a smile and the anticipation of a new day in his step–which is a cross between a dance and a run. He cavorts through life with a winsomeness that is contagious, a grin that dimples him up and makes me laugh.

Granted, there is little to worry about in his sixteen-month-old mind. His big concerns are food and a clean diaper. If that was the extent of my apprehensions, I might not have much to whine about either.

It’s what he knows that gives him the confidence to be content. He has adults who love him dearly and will do what is necessary to meet his needs and care for him in a way that satisfies him.

Believe it or not, we all have that option available to us.

God loves us dearly and knows us completely. Even in His knowledge of our messiness, He chooses to love us, inviting us into a relationship as His children. Guaranteeing to love us in and through all our life circumstances.

Even when we fail.

God doesn’t put us on a standard of performance that we have to live up to. He invites us to engage with Him in our daily lives. Talking to Him about the hard stuff. Reading the promises He’s made us in the Bible. Recognizing we’re way more than the reality of our present circumstances.

He knows what we need to experience true contentment. He offers His love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy with a lavishness that we can’t understand.

I’ve watched my daughter take her son in her arms when he’s moody, cuddle him close, and speak words of love to him. It breaks through whatever crankiness he may have and dimples him up once again.

God longs to help us sense His presence, His pleasure with that kind of closeness. It takes a bit of work to choose to believe, but once there, we are His. Forever.

Can’t whine about that.






2 responses to “Grins, Giggles And A Little Wiggle”

  1. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    So sorry your back is still bothering you, Dayle. I’m praying for the Great Physician to heal you! I’m sure you are eager to get back to LHS as planned!


    1. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Allie. I’m doing a little better–if I keep moving it really does feel better. I can’t believe it’s time for another year to begin–so quickly!


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