Papa Corn Holds Court



The adults were sitting at one table. Young parents with a plethora of children, all enjoying conversatio–apart from their kids.

John had all those kids at his table.

My husband is the ultimate Papa. Children gravitate to him like bees to flowers. His kindness, gentleness and good humor draw them into conversations which bring out the best in all of them.

He does default to kid songs and videos on his phone when time drags on. Limits are a reality, even for him in his interactions with littles.

Papa Corn is the camp name given to him by the counselors of our Kid’s Camp here in Colorado. A practice begun by the Pine Cove Camp in Texas, it’s a chance for those working with a person to designate them by a characteristic or quality they experience in that person.

My husband is passionate about popcorn. And being the consummate Papa, this just fit.

Case in point. We have a mini fridge in our apartment filled with kid attractive drinks–Gatorade, CapriSun, Bubly for the more mature palette. And water. On top of that, he buys huge bags of gummy worms, chips and Ring Pops.

I can’t imagine this being our norm back home. Having kids pop in all day every day would be a challenge. I don’t know all who come. For the summer, it’s a wonderful chance to reach out to the kids and make them feel they are valued enough to be considered worthy of treats.

There’s something about having an adult make a fuss over children that makes them feel special. An older person who has a job and does important things yet makes time for those whose value isn’t in what they do is an act of graciousness that kids can identify. When we acknowledge children with kindness, especially if they aren’t ours, and treat them with respect, it elevates their self-esteem.

Imagine what it feels like to be treated with grace and mercy, even when you know you don’t deserve it. To be valued by someone who is much higher in rank and importance than you. To be regarded as significant no matter your station of life, the kind of work you do, or what your life has looked like to this point.

That’s how God sees us.

We are the epitome of His creation. Made in His image like nothing else in the whole universe. Created to know Him.

He is perfect in all He does. Greater than any care, difficulty, or disappointment we face. He holds the universe in His hands.

We are merely a speck in the whole realm of creation. A flash in the pan that is here today and gone more quickly than we realize.

God considers us worthy of His love. So much so that He sent His only Son to die in our place so we could be with Him for eternity in heaven. To Him we’re neither small nor insignificant.

We matter.

Papa Corn knows how to make kids feel special.

God sees each of us with all our hurts and warts and makes us feel special.

Isn’t it worth the time to check Him out and see if this is all true?

What have you got to lose?




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    1. Thanks so much for your kindness! I appreciate you taking the time to read this!


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