These Feet Were Made For Walking

photo courtesy of Alejandro Luengo on unsplash

Changing my schedule and location has impacted me more than just what I’m doing at the moment.

Relocating to Colorado for two months has been refreshing. Being outdoors more and sweating less has been invigorating. Walking all over the place has been pleasant.

Well, not for my feet.

There are daily opportunities to walk, especially since I’m with the grands this week. To the park or the local bagel shop, to get coffee or pick up a few odds and ends at the nearby grocery store. I’ve been careful to wear supportive shoes–or flops–each day.

It’s not the footwear. It’s the dryness here that has my feet complaining. My toes and heels are developing deep cracks that are genuinely painful. Like tiny chasms in my skin, they multiply with each passing day, and those little dickens make walking agonizing.

Maybe a little dramatic, but my feet hurt.

The pain isn’t great enough to keep me from walking. It does, however, cause me to be quite crabby. Complaining helps nothing; it’s only a release for my bad attitude.

What I need to do is find some cream that will heal those cracks–and be diligent about using it.

I’ve not been good about remembering to buy that cream.

I can continue to complain and do nothing about my sad feet and allow them to become really messed up with deeper cracks and crevices that could take months to heal.

Or I can be diligent to do something about it.

I need to be aware of what I need so I may walk mindfully into my circumstances.

It’s easy for me to complain about what isn’t going well in my life without actually addressing the issue and being intentional about seeing it through. I can be lazy, indifferent or apathetic and ignore what needs to be done.

Life is a journey we move through, mostly walking, sometimes running, occasionally limping to accomplish our dreams and hopes.

We’re made to move through life. Not quit or abstain because we don’t like how we’re treated or what’s happening around us. There is a need for each of us to be intentional about moving forward.

With my relationship with God, I must be intentional as well. He’s with me, but I can’t take for granted that bond that links us together. A growing relationship is based on both parties intentionally spending time together, getting to know one another, growing in trust and safety.

It’s easy to get stalled in any relationship. Becoming too busy or being preoccupied with the unnecessary, letting everything and everybody else become a priority apart from the one you want to get to know. Because we can’t see God, it’s often easy to forget He’s there.

Unless I’m walking with Him every day. Talking to Him, hearing Him through what He tells me in the Bible.

We were made to walk with God. Every day becomes a chance to grow in that relationship.

That’s a walk nobody’s feet will complain about.



3 responses to “These Feet Were Made For Walking”

  1. Steady as you go…….He is holding your hand…..Even when we limp and are in pain.
    Coconut Oil and put socks on overnight….


  2. Oh – my hands have been struggling in the CO dryness too! I used to love dry climates! I’m using olive oil for moisturizer.. =)


    1. I’ve got to give that a try!


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