What Does Love Have To Do With Anything?

Photo courtesy of Priscilla du Preez on unsplash

Valentine’s Day.

It’s not all candy, flowers and sentimental doily-edged cards.

It may sound cynical, but this is one of those holidays that has little lasting value. Flowers die. Candy gets eaten. Cards are thrown away.

Yes, numerous engagements happen on Valentine’s Day. And let’s not forget the weddings that take place on February 14 to forever herald the love couples have for each other. A Hallmark movie played out in real life. Romantic love at its finest.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge proponent of love. But the reality of exclusion from activities that mark the celebration of this holiday, if there isn’t a “significant other” in someone’s life, is limiting. Unnecessary exclusivity. Like belonging to a privileged club where those who’d love to join can’t because they don’t have their “plus one”.

In elementary school, everyone had to have a card for every member of the class to hand out on this day. We girls would tease each other about which kids got the really mushy lovey-dovey cards from a guy, each of us secretly hoping we’d be one of the privileged few.

That changed when my kids experienced their own Valentine’s challenges. No longer an “everyone” holiday, people (read “guys”) could buy flowers in school and have them delivered to their chosen Valentine in class. I knew some parents also sent a flower to their child, so one year John and I had ones sent our kids.

Never again.

The level of humiliation from receiving a flower from your parents was exponentially worse than receiving no flower at all.

Pity posies.

When John and I were first married, he was gracious with gifts of flowers on Valentine’s Day and randomly at other times during the year. Then our kids came along. Our budget was stretched past the comfort level of such gifts. He wanted to continue the tradition, but being the more frugal of the two, I insisted he stop.

Besides, I hated watching flowers die.

I know many folks who don’t have someone who will share the bounty of love they long to give. Men and women alike who yearn for a special somebody who will see them and love them for who they are. Who will celebrate them and treat them as worthy of love.

We were created to love and be loved. To be seen and known, which is why we are relational. When rejection happens, it’s easy to want to self-protect, to keep people at arm’s length, to try to keep from feeling–hurting.

Of all the relationships we allow in our lives, the one that will satisfy the most is with God. One who loves us completely and knows us fully. One who sees us as worthy of love, even in our darkest, messiest times. A lavish love that is more passionate than we can imagine. Not based on what we do or what we can give God, but what He chooses to do for us. Through Jesus.

It’s love that’s better than a Hallmark Valentine movie.

Better even than chocolate.






4 responses to “What Does Love Have To Do With Anything?”

  1. Great reminder, Dayle. So many people are lonely and overlooked. And we all do “yearn for a special somebody who will see them and love them for who they are. Who will celebrate them and treat them as worthy of love.” May we remember to show love to those who may otherwise be overlooked.


    1. Absolutely! So many feel alone and lonely. It’s a challenge to celebrate ALL people. Thanks for your encouragement, my friend!

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  2. Your message is so true, Dayle! But I’m one of those hopeless romantics and love it when Gary expresses His Love with flowers, cards and gifts. Yes, the flowers die, but I keep the cards and love the memories that follow. Those who don’t have such a one, as God gives me opportunities I show my love to them. This same thought can apply to gifts at Christmas etc. when many get nothing. I think we can cherish them as gifts from God ultimately when we do get them. After all it may not always be this way. Love you for your tender heart for others.♥️


    1. Oh, Alie, you’ve got such a tender heart and a dear husband who loves you beautifully and well. You show your love well to others–a gift you give to all. Love you, my friend.


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