It’s All About The Faces

Many are reflecting on what occurred in 2018. Personal goals reached; dreams realized; ambitions pursued.

Or not.

It would be easy for me to reduce my year to what I accomplished. To look at what I was able to do and evaluate accordingly.

I’d be disappointed with myself. I’ve high expectations of what I should accomplish, a ridiculously high benchmark that often seems unattainable.

Which can be truly annoying to all around me.

2018 was a tough year around the world. Natural disasters that took multitudes of lives; national politics that had people angry over things they couldn’t control; foreign countries that could prove problematic to the US.

It’s concerning when two of the most talked-about issues were a royal wedding and Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper.

What do we individually focus on as noteworthy?

Looking back on this past year, significance for me is to really see those people who’ve impacted my life. Whose lives have touched mine in powerful ways.

People are often shoved aside when circumstances get pushy and overwhelming.

It’s the faces in my life that have made the difference. I want those faces to be my focus, to be what matters most.

The five boys born this past year into our family. Stretching the number of grands to fourteen.

My children who choose to pursue their dreams, not thinking of a  the freedom they have to pursue who God has called them to be.

The folks on my team at work, who challenge me to be my best and who come alongside me even if I’m not.

The friends I’ve made over the years, who are near and far, who love me even in my messiness.

The extended family that lives all over, who are connected by more than just DNA.

Neighbors who’ve become dear because they’ve been there for us, for each other.


Dreams and goals come and go. I achieve some; I fail miserably at others. Circumstances and opportunities aren’t always equal for everyone. The chance to achieve doesn’t always work for all.

People, however, are always around. They populate our lives purposefully. To grow, encourage, love and shape us into better people. God knows who we need in our lives. Not always those we think are essential, but people who’re necessary for us to be our best possible selves.

I’ve no single word for 2019, but I do have relationships I want to grow. People I want to be intentional with. A personal goal that is enriched by wonderful faces.

Who do you want to impact this year? Who will you allow to impact you?



3 responses to “It’s All About The Faces”

  1. Love this, Dayle! And your focus on what’s really important!! When it comes right down to it all our plans and striving don’t mean much without those faces, do they?? May we impact their lives, and they ours!!


    1. Thanks, Sheila. Everything else in life comes and goes. God, His Word, and people are really all that last, right? Appreciate your kind words!

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