‘Twas The Night Before The Big One

photo courtesy of Gareth Harper on unsplash

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land,

There was hustling and bustling with what had been planned.

People dashing and darting from one store to others,

For last minute gifts for their friends and their mothers.

Dad was stuck in the lines at the shops at the mall,

Shopping till 10! Last-minute gift-buying for all.

Mom was at home, piles of gift wrap and ribbon,

Waiting to wrap all the gifts to be given.

Cookies were baking, Santa needed his sweets.

No time, no ingredients, no making of treats

Had happened in all of the holiday makings.

Mom now just groused at her holiday baking.

The kids were upstairs, their screens in their faces,

Not helping at all, wanting to be other places.

Dad finally returned, his arms full of treasure.

Mom looked at his face, devoid of all pleasure.

“It’s crazy out there; everyone’s in a hurry.

Christmas has turned into the season of scurry.”

“Get outa your coat and please lend me a hand.

Or the wrapping and cookies will not look so grand.”

They’d only been at it a minute or so

When a glance at the clock made Mom scream, “Oh, no!

“We’re gonna miss the midnight service for real

If we don’t move now!” Dad groaned, “We’ve not had our meal!”

“No time for that now. It’s Christmas. We have to go.

Church happens tonight! We can’t be no-shows!”

“We’re no-shows every other week in the year.”

“Not tonight. We’ll go. At church we’ll appear.”

The children were hurried out of their rooms,

Their faces a picture of misery and gloom.

With moanings and groanings of “Why must we go?”

They dressed very quickly, while arguing so.

They left for the church, no one happy or glad,

And made an appearance, though all were quite sad.

Jesus stood in the back, though no one could see Him,

Softly sobbed as He watched those He loved not know Him.

The music, spectacular. The singing, superb.

Not one person noticed the meaning of the words,

When they each left, saying “Merry Christmas to all”,

He watched one little girl stand in front, a brief stall.

He heard her exclaim, as He watched her sweet face,

“I love you, Jesus. Thank You so much for grace.”

May the hope and joy of God’s gift to us in the birth of our Savior, the One sent to give life to those who receive Him, be yours now and forever.

Merry Christmas!

8 responses to “‘Twas The Night Before The Big One”

    1. The same to you, my friend. May it be a time of great rejoicing and gladness for you. Not because of circumstances, but because of the One who holds you in love.


  1. Merry Christmas friend!!! Love ya’ bunches!


    1. May it be a wonderful time of warmth and love for you, my friend. Merry Christmas!


  2. Merry Christmas to ALL the Rogers’ family whom we love! Off to church for our Christmas Eve service and thankfully it’s not the only time we go! 🙂 Tomorrow we have 5 international students for dinner. Had our family Christmas last Friday…they are with Shelley’s family this year on the 25th! Then off to Vision ’18 in Denver on the 26th! No dull moments around here! ;)))


    1. Hope it was all wonderful! Enjoy Denver! What you all are doing in Texas is amazing as you reach out to internationals!


    1. Thanks for your encouragement!


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