Light Up My World

I often wonder who the bigger child is–my husband or the grands.

He gets ridiculous joy from purchasing surprises for them that sometimes backfire.

The slip and slide and other water blow-ups that he bought for them this summer. Which they loved.

But their lifespan was short–who knew jumping on plastic could put a hole in it? They killed grass and developed mold because they were impossible to thoroughly dry.

Then there were the two microphones he purchased during last Christmas season for karaoke. Or other forms of verbal reflection. The littles have loved it–something about hearing your own voice magnified many times over brings amazing joy.

With it came a light that is a throwback to the 70’s disco ball. It changes color and bathes the room in racing lights that fascinate and intrigue the littles with wonder. It brings with it a sense of drama, and drama always leads to performance.

When the kids come over, they grab the microphone and light and find a dark place to create their own personal spotlight. Often it means all the lights go off, and the rest of us are left wandering in the dark.

Sometimes it’s worth staying in darkness a little longer, just to enjoy the wonder of a child’s drama. Whether singing or dancing as they narrate their actions, the colored light provides a new perspective on what they’re doing, bringing out a side of them that’s different from being in everyday brightness.

That light makes a difference.

Light always makes a difference.

In a season where brightness is a standout, with decorations primed by the creative use of Christmas lights, this really is the celebration of the Light that came into the world to show us a way out of darkness.

It was a dark time in Jesus’ day. Conquering countries did all they could to destroy the hearts of the conquered. Taxing them to provide the money to continue lifestyles that mocked the poor. Not acknowledging their value or worth, leaving them with fear and the desire to hide, to remain invisible. Random tortures for no apparent reason. No voice. No hope.

The people had waited for Messiah, the One who would save them from oppression and poverty. They thought He would be a political King.

When the Messiah showed up as a baby, His Light didn’t look like what they’d expected.

What they thought they needed.

Jesus came to bring the love and hope of God to man. A Light for the whole world.

It wasn’t flashy and dazzling, as some would have liked. It wasn’t quick and pain-free, as some desired. It wasn’t the magical change that some had hoped for.

It was the steady, never-going-out Light of a loving God who came to earth to give His people the hope of heaven.

Many today look for the flash and dazzle. The next big political thing that will make life fair and give everyone a fighting chance to matter and find worth.

It won’t happen that way.

The steady Light of Jesus changes us from the inside, even if our circumstances don’t change.

Even more dramatic than a disco ball.







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