You Call This A Celebration?

December birthdays–it’s work to make them special.

The month snuggled in between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn’t always seen as an optimal time to have a birthday party. There’s so much focus on buying Christmas gifts, preparing holiday goodies, and sending out Christmas cards and those greatly anticipated family letters. To say nothing of the parties and celebrations being crammed into a three-week period that could potentially satisfy any party animal for a year.

Who has time–or energy–for a simple birthday party?

Three-year-old Brooklyn needed to be celebrated.

Since my daughter didn’t have enough room in their apartment for everyone they wanted to invite, Aunt Heather opened her home for the festivities. A crowd consisting of a good many children came prepared for fun.

It was pure pleasure to watch the mayhem.

Kids were running from the backyard, where a swing set lured many, back inside where bites of food were grabbed in transit. Perish the thought that any of the littles would actually sit and eat. Drinks were spilled. Plates were upended. In the midst of it all, the kitchen pipe under the sink sprung a leak, and water was everywhere.

It got even better.

A pinata was part of the fun, and everyone had the chance to swing at the faces of Ana and Elsa from “Frozen”. To break open the paper machete container of candy, the faces were destroyed. Which brought mixed feelings from the little girls in the crowd.

The candy falling to the floor seemed to satisfy their sad hearts. For the moment. Until moms and dads put a limit on how much they could eat.

After hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream and cake, the presents were opened. This is where a communal gift might have been helpful. Everyone wanted to open Brooklyn’s gifts. At the very least, help her rip off the wrappings.

Shouldn’t everyone be getting a present?

The adults at the party were fully aware of the challenge of celebrating just one child. Festivities are desirable. A celebration is essential. When is it my turn?

Even as we focus on this holiday season, it feels really easy to get caught up in the stuff and clutter of the festivities and forget that we’re celebrating a unique birthday.

There is a true need for celebration. We pause to consider the impact of what this season is supposed to represent.

God taking on human form to tell us personally how much He loves us.

Watching all the kids at Brooklyn’s birthday, it was easy to see that many were more fascinated with the food, games, and gifts than with the birthday girl herself. That’s what happens with young ones.

It’s as adults who are still more fascinated with the food, games, and gifts that it becomes concerning.

This isn’t about making a list available so everyone knows what we want. It isn’t about one more office party or making one more batch of homemade cookies.

It’s confronting the reality that we are here by design, and the Designer wants to have a relationship with us. He became one of us to make it easier for us to connect with Him.

That’s a truth worth celebrating.






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