When The Big Kids Come To Play

There’s nothing like seeing a group of adults making up crazy skits and playing games.

Fun is that rare commodity that brings space to relax and exercise rigid facial muscles. Life is serious business. It begins with the discipline to make sure children don’t run into the streets without looking. School brings a whole new realm of focus–grades, extra-curricular activities, all to build a reputable resume for college. Or not. And then a job and growing relationships. Careers, maybe families. Begin again.

It’s a wonder more faces don’t crack under the pressure of seldom-used smiles.

We’ve built into our program a fun day that requires no preparation on the part of the participants. A chance to dress down, have a cup of coffee and play. No skill, strength or dexterity required.

Just a bit of imagination.

Groups had to come up with a team name and create a cheer for themselves. Seeing adults channel their inner high school cheerleader was enough to have the sternest of us belly laughing. High kicks, cartwheels and all.

Then come skits created from bags full of odds and ends. Quirky surgeries to Disney hiring–topics were hilarious.

My favorite, however, is the body parts game.

Everyone pairs up, one member in an outer circle and the other in an inner circle, moving in directions opposite each other, like musical chairs.

When the music stops, a pair of body parts is called out, and partners have to find each other and connect the parts. Nose/ankle, foot/back, ear/knee. Finding your partner quickly in a room full of people is a little like watching the demolition derby. A little kinder.

There’s joy in unrestrained laughter. No one is polishing an image or trying to be someone they’re not.

Play often leads to more relaxed, deeper relationships. You see people as they really are; expectations are lowered, disappointment doesn’t come as quickly. We can learn to enjoy each other as we grow in appreciation of one another’s stories.

God views us with delight and enjoyment.

Many will find that hard to believe. With all the pain and misery of this world, how can anyone say God enjoys us? To many, He seems vengeful and angry, distant and unresponsive.

Have you taken the time to get to know Him?

When my kids were younger we’d often have their friends hanging around the house. They felt at home. They’d go to the refrigerator for food or ask homework questions. Like one of our own.

But not.

I wasn’t responsible for them. If something serious happened, I’d have to call parents who could make those decisions for their children.

Often people expect God to act on their behalf and yet they’ve never wanted to talk to Him or spend time with Him. He sent Jesus to pay the penalty for our mistakes so we could become His children. His beloved ones.

True enjoyment isn’t forced or demanded. It comes from a heart that accepts and loves. Being known.

God delights in us in ways we can’t even imagine. He does that for anyone who chooses to know Him.

Not something to laugh at.





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