Careful–It’s Catching!

My dad was a great one for witticisms in memorable verbal packages.

My modern day Mark Twain.

Many of those nuggets I attributed to his Texas upbringing. Such as “I’m so hungry my stomach thinks my throat’s been cut.”

He got his message across.

One he used a lot which was widely popular was “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas.”

Not having a dog growing up, the meaning escaped me for years.

Until I became a mom, and fleas morphed into germs.

Flu season is upon us, and there are reminders in almost every grocery store or pharmacy to make sure you get your flu shot.

Illness translates to less shopping. Retailers want you healthy; when you feel good you spend more money.

Nothing, however, effectively obliterates the common cold.

Several of my kids and their families have gotten the flu shot. I’ll probably do it. Eventually.

But many of them are now struggling with colds.

I was watching several of the grands while their parents were dealing with another medical issue, and my heart went out to four-year-old Ryken. His nose was running with streams of living snot. He’d deal as most kids do–use the top edge of his shirt to wipe it off or swipe up to remove drips from the lip area.

Both effectively harden over time to reveal a somewhat glossy sheen that takes an effort to clean. His cold put a damper on his usual exuberance and left him without energy and lacking in humor.

It takes time and intent to overcome the heaviness of a cold. Children have a natural bent toward slowing down when they don’t feel well. You don’t have to tell them to stop running around and rest. They slow their pace and accommodate their lack of energy with a pause button.

I think I lost that button.

Raising six children didn’t leave much space for focusing on personal health issues when my kids got sick–and I would get whatever they had. I’d push through. Do the deed. Worry about myself later. Sleep? Not a valued commodity at that season of life.

I developed a habit of busyness. One that I find hard to let go of now, even though the kids are all grown and on their own.

The pause button. Jesus urges us to rest and be still. All of us need time to process life. The bigger picture of truth and eternity. What heart rest looks like.

Too often I find that I leave Him in the dust because I must “do” more.

When I look at Jesus’ life, I don’t see hurried. I see Someone who walked everywhere, talked with people as He went, and took time by Himself to pray. To connect with His Father.

The Incarnate Son of God had a pause button. Rest mattered–He was giving us an example. An unhurried lifestyle because people He met on the way were just as important as those He journeyed to see.

And He finished everything He intended to do.

There’s a lot of health in those unhurried spaces.

A pause that refreshes.

What would refresh you?





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