Didn’t See That One Coming


I love bread.

Fresh bread, right out of the oven, has a smell all its own. It floats through the air, teasing my nose, tantalizing my tummy and sending my taste buds into overdrive. Slathered with butter, there is nothing better. I could make a meal of such luscious loaves. Forget the salty or sweet. Bread is boss.

I just found out gluten and I can no longer be friends.

Which is almost any kind of bread worth eating.

I watched Sloane eat that bagel and salivated.

I’ve lived with exhaustion for quite awhile. I try to eat well, exercise regularly and get a good amount of sleep.

Sleep hasn’t been easy. and I often feel fairly crummy after eating.

I never imagined there was a connection.

The doctor talked about a leaky gut. Which sounds like something I should call a plumber to fix. I’ve heard this as an “excuse” for many things that can ail a person.

I discovered a healthy gut is essential for overall health.

Which for me won’t include feasting on focaccia. Or any other type of bread I love.

The first question I asked the doctor was what would happen if I cheated and ate bread.

How much of what’s not good for me can I get away with?

She laughed. Put simply, the more I cheat, the longer it will take my sorry gut to heal. Which prolongs my exhaustion.

What’s it worth to me to be able to cheat?

My good friend Alice also discovered that she was a celiac. For her, any cheating was disastrous. I saw her discomfort and pain. She was conscientious about abiding by a strict non-gluten diet.

I don’t know that I have that level of commitment.

How willing am I to do what’s best for me?

Best isn’t always enjoyable.

Bad often feels more satisfying.

But for how long?

I’ve eaten bread and gluten-filled goodies my whole life. Which is probably why my stomach is in revolt. Stopping now can heal the situation.

Making the wrong decisions in life can have negative implications for my future.

Every choice we make has consequences. Good or bad.

How far do I push the envelope?

Do I tell a little white lie because I don’t want someone to not like me, even if my lie hurts the other person? Do I remain truthful and deal with short-term anger?

Do I join in the gossip about another friend, knowing that what’s being said isn’t accurate? Or do I step in and remind them that if we’re not part of the problem or solution, we’re not part of the conversation.

Big mistakes are wrong. Murder. Robbery. Crimes I’d never consider.

Do little mistakes count?

By “cheating” on my character and integrity, I hurt others with long-lasting pain. And myself.

Jesus gives me the strength and truth to help me with what I can’t do myself. I’m prone to wander from what’s good and right. I’m prone to embrace the bad. That’s what sin is.

With His help, I can make the better choices.

Bread won’t be master over me.

photo courtesy of Liene Vitamante on unsplash






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