When Water Wins The Day


It’s so easy to dissuade a child from a bad attitude.

Give them a bucket of water and a ladle. Or a sink full of water and a turkey baster.

Or, better yet, a water table.

I’ve been in Virginia with Melody and Chris and their children. My task has been to keep Sloane entertained while mom and dad are adjusting to new baby Ward. A little constant-motion machine, Sloane delights in all things water. Walks are wonderful. Books are a bonanza of fun.

Water, however, is marvelous.

The water table has many play possibilities. A swirly funnel that spins the water as it flows down. Gears that turn as water is poured over them. Colorful balls that move around a tiny ferris wheel which dips them in the water.

What she found the most pleasure in doing was grabbing her sand bucket and dumping the water from the table to the ground.

Second greatest enjoyment was using her sand shovel to drink from the dirty water that filled the table. Bugs, leaves and dirt showed up in the newly filled, freshly cleaned water table in a matter of moments. I’d show her how filthy it was. She kept on drinking it.


We made a discovery about those little balls that ride the tiny ferris wheel. They can be filled with water and squirted like tiny water pistols. I soaked her when she wasn’t looking.

A person can only read so many books out loud before a young one loses interest. Puzzles after a time become tiny projectiles to be heaved around the room. Wooden blocks can only be built and knocked down so often before they’re kicked to the side in frustration.

Water, however, never loses its allure.

The first evening at the water table, we played for close to an hour. Both of us were soaked by the time we went in. Sloane slept well that night.

Water has great appeal for all people.

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a cold glass of water. People flock to the beaches around us in the summer to cool down from the heat and humidity. After working diligently on yard work, nothing feels better than a cool shower. Lounging in the pool. Boating, water skiing, swimming, wake boarding. The options of enjoying water are endless.

There’s a water that’s more precious than the best glass of water when you’re particularly parched.

It’s Living Water. The kind that never runs out. Never is lacking.


He referred to Himself as Living Water, the One who cools a parched soul. Refreshing hearts with the hope that this life isn’t all there is. His water restores us in ways vacations, sleep or time off will never be able to do.

His Living Water, His truth, revives me in ways I often don’t recognize I need. He replenishes my sense of purpose when I’m disappointed. He rejuvenates my attitude when I’m despairing.

Because He loves me that much.

When life feels like a wilderness, Jesus is the tall, cool glass of water who satisfies me needs.

More satisfying than just playing in the water.

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