When Might We Expect You?

photo by qb 490202 on unsplash

Mason is already a pokey puppy.

Not even born yet, he’s bypassed his due date and made everyone’s schedules just a little more challenging.

Big sister Brooklyn might be better with the wait than anyone else–she’s being gently though decisively dethroned for a new brother.

She still doesn’t know what to expect.

Tiffany is ready to have this baby. It’s been a tough pregnancy. Her back has hurt most of the time because she’s carrying all out front. Maneuvering with a baby on board slows things down but doesn’t negate needing to do all those things.

It’s rather amazing that this is how we all got here.

I know what this is like. Of my six kids, only one was born a little before her due date. All the others waited–and kept us waiting.

As time passed, I’d wake thinking, “Today may be the day.” Everything that happened would be secondary to the focus that I’d soon be in labor.

Another day would pass. The waiting would continue.

I could pretty much guarantee that when a baby did choose to arrive, it wasn’t convenient. For me, for John or for whoever would be watching our other children at the time. There was no note asking if now was a good time. No auto alert that things would be moving toward the final curtain in a determined period of time.

When it finally happened, I wasn’t ready. I never pre-packed a bag. I never thought ahead to what the other kids may need in my absence.

Knowing a baby was coming, I didn’t prepare well.

Mason will get here. Pregnancy doesn’t last forever.

It just feels like it does.

How well do I prepare for anything I know will be happening? People coming over for dinner. No problem. Needing to leave on a trip. Done deal.

What about those things that don’t have a due date? I know something’s coming–I just don’t know when?

Such is the return of Jesus.

He said He’s coming back when this world has run its course. He’ll collect His own and judge those who don’t know Him according to absolute truth and righteousness.

There will be no leniency, no space for excuses.

I’m no fear monger. I believe, as do most people alive, that this world, as we’re living in it now, can’t be sustained forever. No matter what we do.

Many believe this life is all there is. That’s tough considering how unfair life in general is.

Many others believe an afterlife exists–and are hoping they’ve “done” enough to get to the good place.

There’s only one way to be sure. Give the burden of our wrongdoing to Jesus, who already paid the price for it.

He is coming back. His time. No one knows when that is.

We’re not sure when Mason will come, but it will be sooner rather than later. We’re ready.

The question we all need to ask is how ready are we to deal with the return of the King?




2 responses to “When Might We Expect You?”

  1. Dayle, I am here in Orlando waiting for Bethany’s baby boy too. She thought she was in labor last week so I moved my mileage ticket up and came early and now we wait wait wait. Due date is this Wed. the 11th. Maybe our grand babies will share birthdays.


    1. Did he come when you thought he would? Cousins from another family!!!


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