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  1. Laura Okichich says:

    Hi Dayle, Was going to reply on your last story about your mom but guess I didn’t so here goes….Your mom, my Aunt Skip, is a wonderful gift to all of us. Witty, full of life with much vim & vigor as they say. A loyal, hard-working wife, mom & employee. A secret keeper (her age) & a few other things! It’s hard to imagine her not being the person she was but God is calling her home. Am glad you have your sisters and brother to go through this with you. Am glad you & John got to go to the Super Bowl and visit your mom. God bless you and all of your family. Love, Laura

    • daylerogers says:

      Oh, my dear friend, your words about Mom are so kind and spot on–she’s a little dickens, to be honest. It’s been good to have Gayle and Janet in this–they’ve done all the work, really. I’m so grateful for how they’ve taken it upon themselves to take the lead in all this. And how are you doing? I heard your surgery went well–are you cancer free now? This has to be hard for you after losing MJ to cancer. And I’m sure your family is coming alongside to really encourage you in this. Hope you’re doing better, Laura! Love you!

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