All In, No Hesitation, No Excuse

Watching kids of any age is a lesson in enthusiasm. Rarely do they hold back when they’re involved in something they enjoy.

Adults often evaluate an activity before engaging, weighing value against time, cost and energy output. Is it worth doing?

Kids don’t evaluate. They do. Passion translates into action.

We had eighteen-month-old Sloane here for most of a week. Her energy level supersedes anything I’ve got–she doesn’t stop moving. We used a stroller when we took walks, but she didn’t sit in it. I don’t know why I bothered. She insisted on walking beside it or pushing it.

When it came to eating yogurt, a spoon didn’t get it in fast enough. Spoon and hand working in rhythm cut down eating time and increased the mess component exponentially.

Two-year-old Brooklyn is passionate about “her guys”. We had her here for an afternoon, and nap time wasn’t going to happen apart from Minnie, Mickey and the clan in bed with her. She collected her sleeping buddies, and when went missing, sleep was out of the question till the little stuffed critter was found. She plays with these guys with a creative passion that makes them seem alive.

Three-year-old Ryken has no fear. None that he’ll own. He treats life like it should be prepared for whatever he brings to it. His energy level is off the charts, and if he hasn’t used up enough by bedtime, he runs in circles around the house to use up excess energy.

Thirteen-year-old Sydney is passionate about soccer. You’d never know it to see her face. She’s rather stoic in her demeanor–unless she scores a goal. The grin that blossoms then is the real McCoy.

Twenty-month-old Landry sees life as a party. He enjoys everything and everybody. He finds reasons to smile, and his laugh is effervescent. I’d love to bottle it–we’d all be more enjoyable if we had a taste of his laugh.

Kids in general know how to go all out on those things they enjoy. Holding back isn’t something they do naturally. They’ve not developed the filters to know how to self-limit. Adults tend to be the restraining force in life.

Passion is a wonderful thing–if it’s directed in the right way.

I’m a passionate person. I care deeply about a lot of things–my family, friends and people in general lead the list.

I’m really passionate about my relationship with Jesus. He’s provided a hope I never thought I’d have.

But is my passion tangible? Do others see my life as being different because of my love for Jesus? Do I enjoy my relationship with Him with the joy Landry has? Do I persevere, even in tough times, to keep going, like Sydney does? Am I all in, no hesitation no excuses, like Ryken?

If Someone is truly worth following, He’s must be worth following fully. Not half way. Not a day a week. Not just when it works for me.

All in. No hesitation. No excuses.

To me, Jesus is worth that.

What’s your passion?






2 responses to “All In, No Hesitation, No Excuse”

  1. Love this! And – YES(!) – your passion for Jesus is tangible, visible, audible, attractive and shared freely with others! All in. And a great inspiration to me. Love you, Dayle!


    1. You’re too kind, my friend. Passion runs the gamut from cold to hot. I guess what I don’t ever want is lukewarm, right? Love you, my friend. Your encouragement always, always, always brightens my day.


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