Songs Of The Season; Songs Of The Soul

Music has always played a big part in my life, though I’m neither a vocalist nor a musician. I took piano for a few years until I realized my piano teacher would say the same thing to me whether I practiced or not. It was one of those losing battles Mom finally gave up on. And singing? A joyful noise, emphasis on noise, is what comes out of mouth.

Music fills me with emotion and speaks to my moods. It’s like hearing in color–going beyond the sounds and words to the depth and richness of the piece.

Sounds weird, I know. People will say, “You know you can’t hear color. You see it.” Yeah, well. Figure of speech.

I love holiday music. Most of my preferences center around the time-honored Christmas carols. Beautiful words set to memorable tunes that have been well-loved for years. There’s story here. Many of these pieces were ones my sisters and brother and I sang in church choirs on Christmas Eve. Our children’s choir would accompany the adult choir, and I was always fascinated how little kids could sound so good.

Mom and Dad had vinyl records back in the day of their favorites, often sung by Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. If the mood struck them, they’d dance to “White Christmas” or  “Silent Night”. Memories of the laughter and the sweet picture of them together deepen my love for the music.

When I was a newlywed, I’d break out the Christmas music the first part of November. John would often tire of it–I’d play my favorites over and over till he begged me to turn them off. Those songs reflected wonderful memories.

Music speaks to my heart. Not just notes on a page, but how the music and rhythms bring together a sense of harmony in me that blends many different voices and sounds into one pleasant experience. Even if there’s some dissonance, it can add to the blend.

Jesus came to create and provide that harmony. In a world full of difference and dissonance, it’s easier to focus on the notes that don’t seem to fit than to hear how those very notes add to the whole tune. He came to offer the hope of heaven–a gift of eternal song we can’t provide for ourselves, no matter how perfect we believe our song to be.

When I was a child, I remember a choir director who invited all who wanted to participate in the Christmas program to be a part. There were incredible soloists in the choir, men and women who’d been gifted with voices that were pitch perfect, rich and worth listening to. Others of us? Let’s just say many of us were never asked to sing a solo.

It was all the voices together, the strong and not so strong, that created the harmony that filled our hearts.

Jesus has given us all a voice and an invitation–to join Him in His chorus of acceptance, forgiveness and love. Where every voice counts and has value.

That’s the song worth singing.




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