The Harmony Of Community

So many great activities. So little time.

Because of serious FOMO issues, I hate missing out on anything fun. But at a time of year when there are more gatherings and fun folks to be with, choosing what I attend or participate in is necessary.

John and I chose to attend a concert Friday night in which a dear friend was singing. We skipped a big-time party to do it–and I was grateful we did.

Central Florida Community Arts brought together 300 folks from all walks of life to make a choir. Another hundred joined for an orchestra of volunteers. The idea of working together for the single purpose of encouraging the local community with the sounds of the season was something that had to be heard to be appreciated.

It appealed to all people. A mix of sacred and secular music, with outstanding soloists, it was a chance to sit back and listen. To enjoy the efforts of a group of people volunteering their time to make something happen.

A group of friends gathered to support Holly. To cheer her as she added her voice to the harmony.

A community of encouragement.

I was pleasantly surprised at the commitment this took for people to participate. Every Monday night for most of the fall the choir has come together to practice a huge list of songs. Taking time from already busy schedules to enjoy a musical camaraderie that was way bigger than any single person.

I, on the other hand, have been running around with my laser focus on what I need to get done. Preparations and plans that need to be completed. The must-happens of my life that grow my to-do list like a teenager who’s hit their growth spurt.

I’m a rather independent soul, so asking for help doesn’t always come to mind. Besides, trying to explain what I need to get done takes longer than doing it myself.

Yet this is the time of year when coming together is expected. When we gather for the sake of enjoying one another’s company and working for common goals. When we pause to remember we’re not the only ones on this planet.

When Jesus came on that night so long ago, His arrival was heralded by angels who told a group of shepherds that they were bringing them news of great joy which would be for all people. Not just a chosen few. The Savior, the Messiah that had been promised so very long ago, had been born. His coming would be the hope for all who would receive His gift of grace and mercy.

Jesus came to build community. To bring people together, from every nation, tribe and tongue, to experience life in Him. No one would be excluded, unless they chose that. We determine if we want to belong.

Community is such a precious commodity. It takes differences and blends them together to create an even richer group of people and ideas. It celebrates uniqueness and unity with a sense of hope.

That’s the great joy for all people. Jesus came to allow us to live well in community.

That’s worth singing about.




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