ICE Is Nice–But It’s Oh So Cold!

Living in warmer climes, it’s easy to forget how cold winter can be. Choosing to pay to go somewhere really cold might seem a crazy to those living in consistently freezing temperatures.

Our small group decided to enjoy a little of what we don’t have by visiting ICE! at Gaylord Palms Hotel here in Orlando. An indoor winter wonderland with over two million pounds of ice sculpted to reflect Christmas around the world.

I do well in heat and humidity. I’ve lived in Florida for a good chunk of my life. Making a choice to get cold came with knowing it’s not my thing.

When we entered the exhibit, I was awed by the craftsmanship of these ice sculptures. No frozen wedding swans here. These were intricate sculptures of people and things with brilliant color. I wanted to touch them to make sure it was frozen water.

These beautiful pieces are handcrafted by artisans from Harbin, China. Halfway around the world, where it’s ridiculously cold for half the year, these sculptors have been creating ice villages and displays for years to the delight of the many who come to see them.

It was nine degrees in there. That’s colder than my freezer. I wouldn’t walk around in my freezer.

Thirteen of us bundled up in the heavy blue coats provided for us (we looked like a group of Smurfs) and began our journey into the frozen fantasy.

With the world as a backdrop, there were displays of individuals dressed in their native garb with explanations of Christmas traditions from different locales. Christmas scenes, ornaments, animals all sculpted from ice and painted brilliant colors.

It was spectacular.

We were even able to go sliding using the slick covering of our coats as impromptu sleds. Made me feel like a kid again. 

Sliding and wandering–we were in there less than 45 minutes.

We might have tarried more than many, but sustaining that much cold for long periods is uncomfortable. I couldn’t feel my nose or hands when I got to the other side.

Such is the reality of experiences. They’re temporary.

As much as we anticipate Christmas, preparing for the big day, buying and baking and wrapping and partying, this, too, will pass. We’ll come to January, when everyone feels the after-Christmas slump, and look back to wonder how it went by so quickly.

I’ve spent too much time living from one experience to another. The hype of anticipation, the momentary thrill of the experience, the letdown of normal life and expectations.

The flip is having a Christmas experience every day. After awhile, it loses it’s value, and I’d need something more to excite me. More and new to anticipate.

Truth is I need to find contentment in what is true about my life, no matter my circumstances. No matter the highs or the lows, something that remains the same.


His presence, promises of hope, power to experience Him in the details of the good and bad is what I need. Not a temporary high. A permanent satisfaction.

Not seasonal. He won’t melt.

That’s worth anticipating.

8 responses to “ICE Is Nice–But It’s Oh So Cold!”

  1. Brrrrrrr!!!!!! But Christmas everyday…the real Christmas, indeed, that is actually sustainable. 💕


    1. True that. But the retail one? Never!

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  2. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    We went with our grandson, Jonathan, this past Saturday in the Gaylord Texan. We loved it and even enjoyed feeling chilly for awhile. It’s 81 degrees here today and it’s December in Texas!!!🤔


    1. I just found out there are more of these out there! I know–the seventy/eighty degree difference was incredible. So glad you got to take one of your grands! Special times. Love you, Allie!


  3. Dayle, I’m from Chicago, but have lived in Texas for 36 years. I prefer the warm weather 🙂
    in regards to your inquiry on my blog, please email me:


    1. Thank you so much, Bill! And I’m with you–warm is the only way to go. I was raised in Chicago and grew up in the western suburbs. Don’t do that cold anymore.


      1. I was raised in Libertyville, which is a suburb north of Chicago.


  4. Hinsdale–western suburb. I’ve been to and through Libertyville.


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