The Grand Dump

Whoever said someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure?

They’ve never been to my home. Trash is trash and you can’t put a pretty bow on it.

My daughter’s family has the right idea. They rented a dumpster for a week and are being fierce in their disposal of things not needed. If it’s not been used in a few years–especially if it hasn’t been unpacked since the last move–it’s gone.

Heather can do that. Her kids are still young enough that they haven’t collected yearbooks and framed pictures of friends from high school. They don’t have attachments to “stuff” yet. She can afford to be ruthless.

It helps that her husband, Jeremy, is enjoying the decluttering process like it’s a day at the fair.

My dear husband mentioned that we might want to do something similar. I thought we might be able to take a few things to their dumpster, make the grand gesture, and be done.

We need to go all in. We haven’t parked a car in our garage since we moved in. I know there are boxes there from twenty years ago that haven’t been opened. It’s scarier to think what might be living in there–skittering, multi-legged and buggish–than what might have once been necessary.

Here’s the problem. There are seriously good things in there. A wooden table that could be used by one of the kids, if they’d ever pick it up. Favorite stuffed animals from when they were little, if they’d ever claim them. Yearbooks that multiply with six kids that contain more memories than anyone has brain space to hold. Trophies from countless soccer games that I feel guilty about pitching because they’re not mine. Pictures in tubs because I’ve never been a scrapbooker. I could scan them to my computer, but I don’t have the desire or capacity to learn.

Organized sounds so much easier when you don’t have to be the one organizing.

It’s so much easier shutting the garage door with the cars outside. Avoiding going in there unless it’s dire–like garbage pick-up day.

I’ve got conviction, but it falls far short of taking action.

I think that reflects me in a lot of areas of life. I get excited about an idea or project, and I don’t follow through or finish well.

For instance, November is all about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. Where you put your fingers to the keys and churn out so many thousands of words a day, with the idea of finishing a 50,000 word novel before the last stroke of midnight on November 30.

I lasted two days.

Throwing away things isn’t the big deal. It’s finishing the job once I get started. Not getting distracted.

In a culture where it’s easier to get new rather than fix broken and where commitment to people or a cause can get lost in rhetoric, there’s only One who stands by me, who will complete what He’s promised to do in my life. No matter what.

Jesus never quits on me. Never rolls His eyes or gets distracted.

He’s with me to the end.

With that kind of commitment, I might be able to put a car in my garage.





6 responses to “The Grand Dump”

  1. I am so with you. Three years ago I moved out of a house that was home for 29 years. In the process of “downsizing” I uncovered boxes in the garage that hadn’t been opened since they were packed for the move 29 years prior. As tempted as I was just to chuck the whole thing(s) sight unseen I made the commitment to at least look inside each one. And in the third box I found a small statue of my patron saint I had been looking for for 30 years. I probably still have a box or two here in the new place I haven’t unpacked yet but when I do I expect at least one treasure among the trash.


    1. I so needed to hear that! Thanks for your encouraging words! There may be a treasure or two out there, something that has been waiting to be found. You make me smile, my friend.


  2. Aw Dayle you can do it!!!! Haha.. this made me laugh. Yes thankful that Jesus is more committed to us than we are with following through on projects.


    1. Amen, C! That Jesus perseveres through all kinds of grief I send His way makes me more than grateful. Thanks for the encouragement, my friend.


  3. follow through is tough. but for me, the harder part is getting started. i think activator might be my #34 😉


    1. It’s definitely in my bottom five.

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